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Laguna Vista Dental's staff is great. They are super friendly and sweet and you feel so comfortable when you go into her office. This is a top notch dental office. Dr. Fenton is professional, ethical, and an excellent dentist. I am so happy to have found her! I would highly recommend this dentist!"  -Helen H.
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General Dentistry

General dentistry refers to dental services that do not fall into any of the specialized areas of dentistry. These services are recommended regularly for all individuals in order to maintain great oral health. General services include, but are not limited to, procedures such as cleanings, x-rays, and fillings.

Routine exams and teeth cleanings are so important, not only to keep your mouth fresh and healthy but also as a preventative measure for oral disease and tooth loss. Even the most conscientious of us can miss areas while brushing and flossing. Making sure to catch any small problems early on can prevent much larger issues later. 


Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental procedures that are considered cosmetic are those that aim to fix discoloration as well as uneven, chipped or missing teeth. Sometimes cosmetic dentistry is performed in an entirely voluntary capacity to boost appearance (and confidence!) but these types of dental services can also aid to improve your overall quality of life. Incredibly important aspects of everyone's life such as eating and talking can be affected by the problems fixed by cosmetic dentistry. Pain and discomfort can sometimes also be alleviated by cosmetic dental procedures.

Some of the cosmetic dental options that we offer include teeth whitening, re-alignment of crooked teeth, repair of broken or misshapen teeth and replacement of natural teeth with artificial implants.


Oral Surgery

Oral surgery goes beyond general dentistry and can deal with the bones of the jaw and some sinus areas. Oral surgery includes common procedures such as implants and wisdom teeth removal. It probably goes without saying that oral surgery can be more involved and complicated than other services you may receive from your dentist. Our fantastic oral surgeons perform these procedures safely and expertly in-office.

When surgery is necessary,  our patients can rest assured they will always receive the best care possible. We are always upfront and ready to explain pertinent information about the procedure and aftercare. We make it a point to not only deliver our best work possible but also to establish open communication between the patient and their oral surgeon. It is vital to us that you are well-informed and at ease.


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Pediatric Dentistry In Elk Grove California

Pediatric Dentistry

Dr. Fenton is ready to handle ALL patients, regardless of age. We already mentioned that comfort is key but we apply this with special care when it comes to children. We pride ourselves on excellent, gentle care for children of all ages. We want to make it easy to get your child through dental exams and procedures without anxiety or fear. 

Benefits With Pediatric Dentistry

  • The child will gain good oral health habits. This is one of the most important reasons for regular dentist visits.
  • Our dentists can spot warning signs early. We can avoid dental problems if we are proactive in keeping the child's mouth healthy.
  • Children will learn responsibility at a young age when it comes to their oral health. 

The dentist should have an important role in everyone's life, especially children. Scheduling regular dental exams for your child can help keep their mouths clean and develop good habits that are essential for the rest of their lives. Learn more about pediatric dentistry.

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"Hello and welcome! If you found our website you may very well be looking for a new Elk Grove, CA dentist and we know that searching for any new health care provider can sometimes feel overwhelming. Questions can easily pile up when considering not only your own personal health, but also the background, expertise, and even the personality of your health care professional. You're looking for the right fit and we would like to show you how important our patients are to us and how well we can work with you to achieve a healthier mouth and a happier you!


Why Choose Us?

Maybe you are choosing your child's first dentist or you yourself haven't seen a dentist in awhile, or maybe you're just looking for better dental care. Whatever your reasoning, we ask that you consider us for your family's oral health care. When you choose to come to our dental office, you will receive only the best in high quality conservative dentistry, a comfortable experience, incredible expertise, and fantastic interpersonal care.

We believe in making sure our patients understand their own oral health as well as the care we provide. It is so important to us that our patients always feel comfortable and well-informed about any oral care they may need. After your examination, your dentist will always explain any concerns and the best steps to get you back on track with your oral health.