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General Dentistry

General dentistry, as one might expect, refers to a group of dental procedures that are very commonly performed. Overall, general dentistry is concerned with the prevention and diagnosis of common oral concerns as well as possible solutions for these concerns. This set of procedures is also important for basic maintenance of your teeth that can keep them clean, healthy and strong. With our close eye on your teeth, it can keep you from developing any serious oral problems. These procedures apply to a huge portion of the population and many will already know them well by name. Fillings, root canals, and dentures are some of the common dental solutions that fall into the category of general dentistry.


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Pediatric Dentistry

Dental care for children works best, of course, when it is tailored to kids by creating a plan that is conscientious of the special needs of children and prepares us for any obstacles that can crop up that may be unique to younger patients. Lots of people of all ages often face anxiety when visiting the dentist but children can be affected differently than adults and we pride ourselves on the gentle care we provide for our smallest clients. Sometimes just being a kid can make one more susceptible to oral problems. Some children may overindulge in sugary foods and this paired with only just beginning to learn the importance great hygiene skills can sometimes lead to cavities which can, of course, lead to bigger problems if kept unchecked. We are often asked to gauge the importance of dental visits are for young children who have not gotten their second set of teeth in yet. The answer? Important. Very important! Baby teeth are essential placeholders for adult teeth and keeping them in good health will ensure a strong foundation into adulthood. Furthermore, healthy primary teeth will keep the gums and bones healthy too! For children (and our adult patients!) we want to provide the gentlest care to help as much as we can to eliminate the anxiety you and your child both may experience when trying to get through a dental appointment.


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Dental Fillings

Fillings are easily the most common of all dental procedures. In fact, somewhere around 90% of all adults have had at least one (and many have had more). Fillings can be used to correct a few different types of dental issues including chips, worn down or broken teeth and cavities resulting from decay. Decay from an accumulation of food on the tooth or in tiny crevices between teeth can lead to the need for a filling. This is a common occurrence and early detection and correction can prevent decay from reaching the inner portions of your teeth. Sometimes these types of concerns may require a bigger solution but fillings are the answer to many, many dental mishaps. Different materials have been used for fillings both today and in the past and it will differ sometimes from dentist to dentist. We use composite fillings as we find these are the best choice both in terms of durability as well as aesthetics. Composite fillings are made of a strong, durable material that will not interfere with comfort or function. Because composite fillings are tooth-colored there is no impact on oral appearance. Fillings can most often be performed in one dental visit and is not a time-consuming process. Composite fillings can also be used safely on primary (baby) teeth.


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Root Canal Therapy

Root canals are needed when the dental pulp (or “roots”) inside the tooth become infected. This happens when decay is left unchecked to the point it is able to reach the pulp through the enamel and dentin that encases it. If you are experiencing pain–especially if you haven’t visited the dentist in awhile–making an appointment is vital. When you experience tooth pain, it may not be a root issue but pain is an indication that something is wrong. Other symptoms that may indicate the need for a root canal include swelling and pressure around the problem area. Obviously, prevention of the need for bigger solutions like root canal therapy is ideal, but when you’re faced with the need for a root canal, rest assured that you are in well-qualified, gentle hands. Having a root canal performed can help save a tooth from having to be removed altogether. During the procedure, the pulp is removed from the central cavity of the problem tooth before cleaning and re-filling in the remaining space. Often, a crown will also be placed over the tooth for further protection. Problems rarely reoccur after root canal therapy but in the event that it does happen, there are also additional procedures that can be performed to help ensure the problem is eliminated for good.


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Many people find they need either partial or full dentures at some point in their lifetime. Especially as we get older, dentures can become both a great option and a great relief to those suffering from serious tooth concerns. When dentures are needed, the benefits are game changing. With dentures, problems involving speech, chewing, discomfort and pain can be lessened greatly or eliminated. A boost in appearance is another fantastic improvement that our patients enjoy. When teeth are missing or badly decayed or broken, the face can sag in around it but once dentures are in place and structure is restored, the change in appearance often leaves our new denture-wearers smiling big, beautiful new smiles. There are a few types of dentures including full, partial and implant dentures. Depending on your personal needs, your dentist will explain the best option for you. Full and partial dentures are both removable dentures that are similar in construction. A full set is made up of artificial teeth on a gum-colored base. Partials are constructed in the same fashion but are smaller as they are intended for a specific area instead of the whole mouth.  Implant dentures are different as they are held securely in place by dental implants anchored into the bones of the mouth. These can still be removed for cleaning and sleeping by snapping them on and off of the implants.


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