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There Are Many Benefits With Dental Implants, Let Us Show You

Posted by on May 22, 2016 in Dental Implants | Comments Off on There Are Many Benefits With Dental Implants, Let Us Show You

When all else fails, smile. Smiling is as important as breathing, because it gives you more hope in life despite all the hardships and difficulties. But then again, a person only has the confidence to smile when they are confident that they look beautiful. What happens then to those people who are not lucky enough to have a good set of pearly whites? A missing or damaged tooth can surely create a bad confidence level on a person no matter the achievements or success in other fields are.

In this case, we have to call our dentist and ask them about the best procedure that can benefit us. Most often than not, a dentist would recommend having a dental implant as a replacement for those missing or damaged tooth.

For those who are not aware of what a dental implant is, it is a replacement tooth root – most often a titanium post – which is positioned surgically in your jawbone under the gumline. This dental implant will allow your dentist to put a replacement tooth in the area. Implants give a strong support for both permanent and removable tooth replacement.


What are the advantages of dental implants?

Dental implants have a lot to boast of such as:

  • Aesthetic use. You have nothing to worry about if you have that missing tooth as dental implants can answer your call and improve your appearance.
  • Speech improvement. When using dentures, there is the possibility of slippage which cause you to become slurred. With a dental implant, however, you can speak without the worry that the tooth will slip.
  • Eating is made easy. You can eat anything you like without any pain or the fear of sliding dentures.
  • Self-esteem booster. Smile perfectly to anyone whom you come across with and you will definitely feel better about how you look and your whole self in general.
  • Oral health is as its best. A dental implant does not mind the nearby teeth, hence, surrounding teeth are not damaged nor altered in any way.
  • Durable and convenient. An implant is long lasting and can live up to many years. It is also convenient in a way that it requires less maintenance unlike in dentures.


Are The Implants Safe?

There are two types of implants that the American Dental Association considers as safe, and these are the following:

  1. Endosteal implants – this kind of implant is directly implanted in your jawbone surgically. After the gum tissue is healed, the dentist will perform another operation to connect a certain post to the first implant. Afterwards, an artificial tooth will be attached to the post.
  2. Subperiosteal implants – a metal frame is placed on the jawbone below the gum tissues. Once the gum tissues are healed, the metal frame will be permanently fixed on the jawbone. There will be a post that will protrude from your gums wherein an artificial tooth is mounted.

Normally, anyone can undergo a dental implant as long as you are healthy enough for a routine dental extraction or any oral surgery. Your dentist will also check if you have healthy gums and bones to hold the implant firm. However, there might be some special considerations that we need to consider especially if you are a heavy smoker or have any uncontrolled chronic diseases such as diabetes mellitus or heart problems. Before you think of any implants, it is important that you take regular visits to your dentist and check out other possible options.


Oral Care Tips For Dental Implants

Just like in any other things, dental implants should also be taken cared of to ensure that they continue to work at their best and last long.

  • Good oral hygiene should be practiced. For a good oral hygiene, it is best that you brush twice daily and do some flossing once a day. Choose a brush that is interdental so that the bristles can slide between teeth and clean the areas on your implant.
  • Stop smoking. Generally, smoking is bad for your health and most importantly for your oral structures. It can weaken the bones, thus, damaging the dental implant in turn.
  • Avoid hard foods. Chewing hard foods such as ice and hard candies may lead to crown breakage and damage your natural teeth too.

Have regular dentist consultation. Regular dentist check-ups will allow you to prevent further damage and tooth problems. Also, cleaning and examination of your teeth as well as dental implant every six months can help maintain its condition and longevity.


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