The Top Benefits of Modern Dentures

by | Jul 16, 2021 | Dentures, General Dentistry

Tooth loss is a distressing matter and puts a permanent gap in your daily oral functions. It can stop you from eating your favorite food, impact your aesthetic appearance, and lead to crooked neighboring teeth.

It doesn’t matter if you have lost your teeth due to periodontal disease or an accident; modern dentures will give you a whole new appearance and support your health.

This article will discuss the latest denture technology and how you will benefit from opting for suitable dentures for yourself.


What are dentures?

In layman’s terms, dentures are false teeth that you get to replace missing teeth. These are substitutes, like any other prosthetic device in the body, to enhance natural body function.

Believe it or not, historians have recorded the use of dentures since Roman times around the 5th century BC. They even used animal and human teeth!

Wooden dentures were utilized in Japan in the 16th century. In the early and late 18th centuries, Britain and France innovated porcelain dentures.

What are modern dentures?

Today, modern dentures are manufactured in laboratories by dental technologists. The fabrication process involves exhaustive & latest denture technology. These are divided into steps like obtaining a dental impression, bite registration and polymerization techniques.

False teeth dentures are composed of either of the two materials – acrylic or metal base (usually cobalt-nickel).

Acrylic dentures are more comfortable & lighter in weight; on the other hand, metal dentures are very strong and maintain hygiene. These materials are used to create different types of false teeth or modern dentures.

Full dentures

These are also called complete dentures because they are designed to replace the entire teeth set after a complete teeth removal. Fitting full dentures is required when a patient has lost their teeth in an accident or after a severe oral infection and wishes to substitute their gums with false teeth. These are entirely customized prosthetics involving dedicated fabrication procedures and find demand in elderly patients.

Partial dentures

Partial dentures are used when a part or some teeth in a patient’s oral cavity are intact. These dentures are needed to fill the missing teeth gaps in the oral cavity. Partial dentures can be of two types – fixed and removable. We will discuss these types as we progress further. Partial dentures are constructed of either acrylic or metal frameworks and include a base or support for attachment on the existing missing teeth cavities. These types of dentures prevent the neighboring natural teeth from becoming crooked.

Implant-supported dentures

More and more patients opt for implant dentures because they are permanent, more durable than removable dentures, and provide prolonged protection to the oral cavity. Implant dentures are of two types of constructs. The implant-supported dentures utilize support bridges for fixing false teeth and the neighboring teeth as abutments.

On the other hand, implant-retained dentures can be removed and do not permanently attach to the implants. These are also called overdentures and utilize metal posts, bar attachments, or ball attachments for fixation. You can schedule an appointment for your desired style of dental implants and construct.

Modern dentures can be removed or fixed as per your preference, unlike conventional dentures, making them one of the best innovations in dental technology and prosthetics. What do dentures look like today? These can be further divided into two subtypes:

Removable dentures

Removable dentures span different dentures – these include conventional dentures, complete dentures, overdentures, partial removable dentures, and snap-in dentures. Removable dentures are popular because they are convenient, available in a wide range of styles, affordable, and do not require adhesives. These dentures are made from acrylic material and feature a cast mixture base that can be easily put in place or removed as per requirement.

Fixed dentures

Contrarily, fixed dentures are combined with teeth implant technology and bases. These are constructed from acrylic and set over metal support bridges, also called abutments. The false teeth dentures fixed on the abutment can be removed, but the metal implant is fused with the jaw. The advantage of fixed dentures is that they strengthen the jaw, are permanent, provide a more aesthetic look, retain more hygiene, and are easier to clean.

Dentures are necessary because prolonged dental caries or secondary oral infections completely destroy the teeth. Timely and regular dental checkups are crucial to maintaining your dental hygiene.

Benefits of modern dentures

There are several benefits of modern dentures. However, we will go through the most significant points for the best understanding.

1. Dental appearance

Individuals who have lost teeth in an injury, accidental trauma, or infection wish to get modern dentures for an appealing dental appearance. A full tooth set gives your oral cavity a much-needed structure and an aesthetic appearance that improves self-esteem.

2. Teeth functionality

Missing teeth in your oral cavity or inefficient dental structuring can stop you from chewing certain foods like meat, nuts, and fleshy fruits & vegetables. Chewing food without teeth can bring about jaw pain. A clinical study states that dentures aid in masticatory function by reducing bolus size.

3. Prevents bone loss

Unattended tooth loss contributes to long-term bone loss, jaw pain, and jaw bone deterioration. However, implant-structured dentures support the overall jaw structure and may prolong mandibular life. A clinical trial studies the positive effects of dentures on jaw bone structure. Please give it a read here.

4. Prevents crooked teeth

In the similar above instance, unaddressed tooth loss or invariable tooth distribution can lead to crooked teeth. The intact teeth lack support from their neighboring teeth. This also weakens the jaw strength and the grip of gums on the teeth.

Partial fixed dentures or removable dentures help to maintain the oral structure and prevent crooked teeth. Do you feel your teeth are losing shape? Visit or make an appointment at our highly qualified dental clinic.


Yes, traumatic injuries and oral infections are unfortunate. They can take our teeth away and severely affect our self-esteem. However, dental technology and sciences have come a long way. Modern dentures are designed with impeccable materials in state-of-the-art facilities.

Dentures will give you an aesthetic appearance, stop your oral pain, and get you back to eating those cheesy mozzarella sticks. Book a dental implant appointment today for that change you desire.

Krystle Fenton

Krystle Fenton

Krystle Fenton is the owner and lead dentist at Laguna Vista Dental in Elk Grove, CA. Dr. She has earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology with a minor in Chemistry from Andrews University. She then went on to Loma Linda University School of Dentistry, where she graduated with honors and is a member of the prestigious Omicron Kappa Upsilon (OKU) National Dental Honor Society. Dr. Fenton is a member of the American Dental Association, California Dental Association, and Sacramento District Dental Society. In her time away from the office, Dr. Fenton enjoys spending time with friends and family, traveling, spending time outdoors and watching movies.

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