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What To Expect: Whitening Your Teeth After Braces

So you are finally at the end of your braces treatment and the dentist excitedly announces when you will be able to have them off. While you may be overjoyed at being able to run your tongue over your teeth without encountering not so smooth braces, you may also be thinking about going further with enhancing your smile. Having teeth whitened after braces are something many consider once the hardware is off, or finished with their Invisalign...

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Exploring The Cost Of Teeth Whitening

If you’re considering getting teeth whitening done professionally or just doing it yourself at home, you’ll definitely want to know the cost beforehand. Everyone wants a perfectly white smile but not a huge bill to pay afterwards. With today’s teeth whitening kits and professional teeth whitening technologies, you can achieve a beautiful smile without unrealistic costs. Laguna Vista Dental seeks to explore these costs in order...

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All You Need To Know About Teeth Whitening

Everyone shares the dream of having a perfect smile. No one likes to have teeth that are embarrassing to look at and if you can do something to improve your smile, you’re likely to take the opportunity to do so. One common and affordable way people try to improve their smile is with teeth whitening. Not everyone using professional teeth whitening services but they definitely should. When comparing the results between at-home and in-clinic...

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Professional Teeth Whitening Solutions You Need To Try

Without a doubt, it’s probably crossed your mind that you wish you could have whiter, brighter teeth. You might have even already tried some whitening treatments with the strips you can buy from the store or maybe even professional teeth whitening at your local dental clinic. Or—you’ve never had an actual teeth whitening treatment at all. Whether you fit into any of those categories or not, it’s good to keep yourself updated...

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Why Choose Professional Teeth Whitening Over At-Home Remedies

Most everyone has scrolled through endless pages of the internet trying to find a cheap and simple DIY concoction for getting perfectly white teeth. Chances are that those at-home whitening solutions might work a little bit but not noticeably enough for it to matter. In the end, you’ll get a messy kitchen coated in random ingredients like baking soda and not the impressive results you really wanted. So is it worth it? Come explore this...

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Tooth Whitening is Great . . . Just Don’t Have Unrealistic Expectations

Want to look real good for your Christmas card photo this year? This is the perfect time to go in for tooth whitening. After all, between Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas festivities, you may have guzzled beer, wine, and mulled cider–all of which stain teeth. And even though seasonal sugary sweets don’t cause discoloration, bacteria in your mouth can eat those sugars and enamel, thus exposing yellow dentin. You probably have...

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