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Dead Tooth? Damage to These Living Structures is More Common Than You Think

About 40 million Americans suffer from sensitive teeth and another 5 million suffer from tooth avulsion annually. Although we can’t account for accidents–like that wayward bat in Little League–for the most part, both of these issues can be fixed. And because both issues are widespread, it’d benefit both you and your family to learn how to reduce tooth sensitivity and how to be proactive when a tooth’s knocked out. Putting off these...

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Nail-Biting Facts: Why It’s So Bad for Your Dental Health says that nail biting is the most common nervous tic that we develop when we’re young, as well as the most common one that can follow us to our adult years. Compared to other vices, nail biting isn’t that big of a deal, right? The main issues seem to be unsightly nails, hangnails, and possible bleeding. While these are common culprits, an article by Dr. Pooria Shahin says that nail biting can be extremely detrimental...

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Mouthwash: The Good & The Bad

Discover Magazine released an intriguing article a few years back about the great benefits of mouth wash. According to researchers, Streptococcus mutans is the bacterial culprit when it comes to our cavities. But during a small clinical study, they found that mouthwash was able to pretty much wipe this bacteria away so that healthy bacteria could take its place and thrive. This study was very small, so 0f course, further research will be needed...

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Many Seniors Will Experience GERD — How a Dentist Can Help

  Sixty percent of the adult population in the U.S. will have gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) symptoms that could last a year (some adults will experience GERD on a weekly basis). What does GERD do exactly? You probably are already familiar with the common symptoms of heartburn and nausea, but GERD can also cause excess stomach acids to rise back up in the esophagus and mouth, which can cause tooth decay. While just about anyone can...

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The U.S.’s Heightened Interest in Water Safety: How Does it Affect Oral Health?

It’s no wonder that Americans have been highly concerned about water safety for the past few years. After the debacle in Flint, Michigan, people are understandably fearful about what goes into their water. Because the city of Flint didn’t take care, many residents were exposed to serious issues because of lead poisoning, such as mental impairments. Besides lead poisoning, there are many other problems that people should be aware of,...

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Sugar, Sugar, Sugar: Just How Obsessed Are We with Sweet Drinks?

Have you heard of the documentary Fed Up? The film talks about how thirty years ago, the U.S. government failed to notice the role sugar played in dietary guidelines and in people’s health. Since people wanted “low fat” options that still tasted good, fat was removed and replaced with sugar; and processed foods thrived. So are Americans obsessed with sugar now? According to The Washington Post, we most certainly are and eat...

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