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Pain After Dental Implant, How Long Will It Last And What To Expect With Recovery

If you have been curious about dental implants or have been recommended for the procedure, it is highly likely you have an array of questions. A top concern is, pain after dental implant how long will it last, and what to expect from the recovery period. Dental implants are quickly becoming one of the most desirable ways to complete a smile that is missing one, several, or all of their teeth. Offering versatility, there are numerous benefits to...

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Dental Implant Recovery Diet: Time-Frame and What To Expect

Missing a tooth or multiple teeth is never fun, for anyone. Feelings of being self-conscious, worried others are staring and how you feel about yourself when you look in the mirror can have devastating effects. If you have been considering options for tooth replacement, such as dental implants it is likely you have a number of questions. What will it feel like after surgery? How do I care for dental implants? What can i expect as far as a...

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Wait a Minute, Isn’t Smoking a Contraindication for Dental Implants?

It can be frustrating being a smoker who needs certain medical procedures but is continually turned away because smoking is a contraindication. However, you may be surprised to hear that smoking isn’t necessarily a contraindication for dental implants. According to a video by Dr. Anjali Amarnath, as long as smokers quit their habit for a short time after their surgery, they have a fairly good success rate. Take a look: In the past,...

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Mini Dental Implants And It’s Contribution For Denture Patients

It has been known to the world that complete and partial dentures have been a great help to many people who suffers edentulism in their lives. This technology has become one of the most popular services in the field of dentistry as it helps improve the functional condition of the overall oral health of a person. However, regardless of the cause, either total or partial edentulism in nature, dentists, and other oral health professionals have...

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Dental Implant Surgery Procedure Guide: Everything You Need To Know

What is a Dental Implant? Dental implants are an artificial replacement for a natural tooth root secured into your jaw bone to hold a prosthesis; a crown, a denture or a bridge made to match your natural teeth. A Dental Implant is a small metallic screw made of titanium, which is lightweight, strong and biocompatible. Implants are a long-term treatment option for patients who have lost a tooth or teeth due to periodontal disease, or an injury....

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Why You Shouldn’t be Scared of your Dental Implants

Dr. Fenton and the staff here at Laguna Vista Dental are proud to be able to offer dental implants to Elk Grove, CA and the surrounding areas! e hope you enjoy reading through this article. We want to answer any questions you might have and provide our patients with value. Going to the dentist for any kind of procedure can be nerve-wracking and induce anxiety in even the toughest of us. Who doesn’t feel mildly uncomfortable when...

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