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Inflammatory Diseases–Like Gum Disease–Can Cause a World of Trouble

What’s your dentist’s mantra whenever you come in? Oh, that’s right: you should floss more! According to a US News article, more than 30% of Americans rarely floss, and more than 30% say they never floss. Flossing is a major key to the prevention of periodontal disease, or gum disease. You’ve probably heard all about gum disease and its symptoms (e.g. toothaches, bad breath, tender gums, etc.). Although the main concern...

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Why Periodontal Disease Prevention Should Start Taking Precedence at Check-ups

Dr. Richard H. Nagelberg, a dentist in Philadelphia, published a satirical article recently on, which amusingly chided dentists for “guesswork” in regards to diagnosing periodontal disease. Although Nagelberg’s article asks a lot of rhetorical questions to get his fellow peers thinking, one salient point he does make is that patients should be thinking about this issue too. The majority of patients may not know...

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Getting the Jump on Gum Disease: 2 Ways To Improve Diagnostic Methods

According to the National Center of Biotechnology Information, about half of the adult population has early-stage gingivitis. So it shouldn’t be surprising to the dental community that more and more people will be at risk for gum disease in the future. Because gum disease has been linked to numerous secondary conditions, like heart disease, it’s surprising that pocket probing doesn’t always take place at routine check-ups....

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