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The Dental Industry Booms as the Trend in Teeth Whitening Continues to Rise

Posted by on October 19, 2016 in Teeth Whitening | Comments Off on The Dental Industry Booms as the Trend in Teeth Whitening Continues to Rise

The Dental Industry Booms as the Trend in Teeth Whitening Continues to Rise

Many people around the world are more after with whiter, natural looking teeth as the trend in teeth whitening continues to rise in the dental industry nowadays. People are getting a little bit excited with having natural looking teeth which perfectly blends with the rest of the face. Gone are those days when people wanted those piano white teeth which is described by today’s generation as “overly done”.

Today’s practice in cosmetic dentistry aims to uplift your level of confidence through your very own teeth which means you don’t have to attach a thin layer of porcelain in your real teeth to make it look prettier and whiter. The previous trend in this industry speaks like “I want everyone to know that I had spent bucks from these. Please notice it.” This can create a “trying hard” image. But in today’s generation, it’s a big no! People are becoming more confident that no one needs to beg anyone for attention just for her beauty to be noticed by many. However, just a beautiful smile with whiter, natural looking teeth which blends to the totality of a beautiful face is enough to make one look twice.

Identifying the Cause of your Teeth Discoloration

Teeth whitening is a non-invasive procedure in dentistry where a bleach solution is applied to the teeth. This bleach responsible for attacking the organic molecules which reside in either tooth enamel or dentin – the particles which are causing the discoloration of our teeth.

Teeth staining or discoloration is caused by either extrinsic (external or surface) or intrinsic (internal). Extrinsic discoloration is mostly associated with anything which comes in contact with food. It could be a matter of lifestyle since one of its factors is linked with the use of tobacco, either smoked or chewed. It, also, has something to do with food which is rich with tannins found in red wine, coffee, and tea.

On the other hand, intrinsic staining can be linked with the aging process. It has been found out that the enamel of tooth loses its translucency as we age making the dentin, the second layer of the teeth, become visible and more prone to staining. There are also other cases linked to certain conditions, such as exposure to excessive fluoride or the antibiotic tetracycline during tooth formation, developmental disorders and jaundice in childhood, that are noted as a probable cause for tooth staining. However, the most recognized causes by many dentists and hygienists around the world are tooth decay, restoration, pulp death or root canal problems and trauma to developing teeth.

Options to Consider When Choosing the Right Teeth Whitening Procedure

In today’s technological advancement in the dental industry, two options are made available in the cosmetic dentistry that can greatly help aide this kind of problem. These are the professional teeth whitening and the over-the-counter teeth whitening.

There are lots of products that are made available for public consumption in your favorite drugstores. These could either be in the form of whitening strips, brush-on whitening, whitening gum or whitening toothpaste. All of these are budget friendly and are great buys for those tight in funding. These products are also easy to use. However, issues arising that are linked to these products are related to safety. With the numerous teeth whitening brands offered in the market today, it is quite important that one needs to see to it that the product you bought is authentic and legit.

But, if you prefer a safe and sound teeth whitening option, you can choose the professional teeth whitening solution with the help of your dentist. There are in-office whitening systems which only needs an hour to make things done. It uses heat or light in the process to speed up the bleaching action of the solution used. At the same time, they also offer take-home whitening which are customized mouth trays made of a thin plastic material filled with whitening gel and left on your teeth of a prescribed period of time. These procedures are known to be safe and effective and with the guidance of a certified oral health professional.

Dentist’s Warning Against Some Whitening Trends

With the vast increase in the trend of teeth whitening, many do-it-yourself video instructions are made available in both social media and youtube. That is why medical professionals warned the public through fox news regarding a do-it-yourself teeth whitening using a charcoal-derived mixture. According to them, this method can damage the enamel of the teeth and can contribute to tooth erosion. It became popular with a youtube post and has been tried by many people. It might be that the cosmetic result may hold true in some, but, dentists fear its long-term internal effect. That is why dentists urge the public to use those which are evaluated and approved by the American Dental Association and are suggested by your trusted dentist or hygienist.

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