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Mini Dental Implants And It’s Contribution For Denture Patients

Posted by on October 17, 2016 in Dental Implants | Comments Off on Mini Dental Implants And It’s Contribution For Denture Patients

It has been known to the world that complete and partial dentures have been a great help to many people who suffers edentulism in their lives. This technology has become one of the most popular services in the field of dentistry as it helps improve the functional condition of the overall oral health of a person. However, regardless of the cause, either total or partial edentulism in nature, dentists, and other oral health professionals have been hearing different stories of discomfort as they make use of their device. Many of these patients’ complaints are linked to the cause that prosthesis cannot perform the functions like the normal teeth do.

In fact, based on researches related to dental health, patients with dentures are likely to experience discomfort which leads them to become self-conscious as they speak and eat and is further linked to the degradation of their self-esteem. They are likely to develop negative feelings about their condition. Many edentulous people believed that this discomfort had brought them into a state where their socialization with other people is altered and compromised.

In worst cases, which are also backed up by oral health researchers, many of those under this condition had signified that tooth loss can be equated with becoming disabled and handicapped wherein they have to undergo significant adjustments in their life as they start using dentures. This opens up opportunities for every member of the dental community to provide adequate support and guidance in every denture patients and help them know the possible options they can avail to improve comfort and confidence. Patients can choose either to seek aide with simple dental measures, such as dental relines or with more powerful and effective measures which are very popular in adding stability and retention for their dentures, such as dental implants. In this way, we, in the dental community, can help every patient who had experienced this kind of problem and can elevate the way they look at themselves and live a happier and a more comfortable day to day living.


Common Factors to Consider with Traditional Dental Implants

As the popularity of dental implants for denture stabilization continues to rise in the practice of dentistry and before we recommend this kind of technology to our readers, it is our responsibility to laid down everything you need to know about dental implants. This is because not every denture patients can avail this procedure. There are lots of conditions which we need to consider before declaring that a patient is qualified to undergo dental implants.

Dental implants, which are used to stabilize dentures, can be attained by placing two implants in the anterior mandible of the patient. Aside from its contribution in a patient’s quality of life, it also helps maintain the condition of the bone in the jaw which can possibly resorb after teeth loss. This is to help you understand that not everyone is viable for the said implants.

One of the factors which we need to foresee beforehand is the adequacy of the bone level to be able to identify if there are enough platform to anchor the implants. This problem is usually seen with patients who are wearing their dentures for a long time because dentures are often associated with ridges which have resorbed the bone levels making it inadequate to perform the procedure. However, with further development in the field of dentistry, it has been noted that to correct the said condition, one can avail bone grafting.

However, this treatment leads to another factor which is the added expense and medical complexity of the procedure. A larger number of people who are under the edentulous group are senior citizens in which most of them are fixed earners and could not accommodate the additional cost brought about by the said technology.

And aside from that, health factors are also considered valuable in identifying whose fit to go through with dental implants. This dental treatment involves invasive procedure and requires time in the placement of the implants. This can be traumatic to some and requires an adequate healing time which means that a group of health professionals are highly recommended to coordinate with each other to secure that patients are healthy enough to push through with the treatment. Medications are also compared, both new and existing, to ensure a safe and sound outcome. Therefore, despite of the acknowledgment made by the dental industry on implant-retained dentures, there are also factors which can prevent you from undergoing the treatment. But worry no more because the continuous development in the field of dentistry had brought to us mini dental implants as an alternative to the traditional implants.


Mini Dental Implants as a Helpful Alternative with Traditional Implants

Great news had come to the dental industry to help uplift the quality of life of patients who had undergone problems related to dentures. Since the traditional implants are quite expensive due to the complexity of the procedure and the conditions to be considered before performing the actual implant, mini dental implants (MDI) have vastly grown in the field of dentistry as an alternative treatment to aid the existing condition. It has been used in the industry for five to ten years and had gained the approval in the market for long-term use for denture stabilization.

Aside from its small size, which can be seen in sizes ranging from 1.8mm to approximately 3mm, a huge difference in the placement procedure between the two implants are highly noticeable. Because of its size, a drill to create a hole in the tissue becomes minimal compared to the traditional implant which involves cutting a flap in the tissue requiring an adequate time frame for healing delaying the process of loading the dentures over the implants. This also means that since the complexity is minimal, it always relates to a more affordable procedure that can be availed by fixed earners. Read more…

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