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New Technology Could Speed-Up Dental Implant Process

Posted by on April 24, 2016 in Dental Implants | Comments Off on New Technology Could Speed-Up Dental Implant Process

Dentures used to be the only  solution for missing teeth, but many patients are now turning to dental implants as an alternative. This is because implants last longer, require no special maintenance and look more natural. However, these advantages do come with some pretty severe drawbacks to consider. Installing dental implants can be a time-consuming process, because the implant has to successfully meld to thImplant Dentistry Technology Advancementse jaw, which can sometimes take several months. In some cases, the jawbone is too weak and the implant doesn’t take at all.

But there is hope. An Israeli company, Magdent, is working on a new technology that can speed up integration process, as well as improve bone quality. Preliminary studies done by the company have been positive and they are hopeful that their technology can improve the implantation system and make the process faster and easier for patients.

In the United States, almost three million people now have dental implants, about 60% of the number who have dental crown or bridge replacements, other popular alternatives to dentures. And the number is rising, with a projected 500,000 new dental implants being installed every year. As more dentists offer dental implants as an option and the technique becomes more fine-tuned, the number will continue to rise because the benefits outweigh the potential problems.

Right now dental implants are more expensive that other tooth replacement options, but as they become more popular and the technology improves, the price will likely come down. More and more insurance companies are starting to cover implants as an option, which will also increase their popularity.

The dental implantation process is relatively simple, if time-consuming. The patient will have a titanium rod inserted into the jawbone, where the missing tooth once was. Then, it’s a waiting game as the implant needs time to settle and fuse to the jawbone. On average this takes anywhere between three to six months. Once the implant has settled and the jaw has healed, the model tooth is placed and the patient will once again have a beautiful smile.

What Magdent is focused on is decreasing the wait time, but also reducing the risk of the implant not taking. This is a real concern, after all if the patient is suffering from tooth loss there is a reason and that reason is often deteriorating gums, which can make implants tricky. While dental implants are a solution to tooth loss, they still need a healthy base to work with and if there is too much deterioration, the implants won’t take, which can create a lot of pain and frustration for the patient. The technology Magdent is work on will hopefully reduce the frustration and increase the success rates.

The technology Magdent is developing is a batter-operated cap that will be attached to the titration cap and emit n electromagnetic field that will help speed up the process and strengthen the existing bone. There are many studies proving a link between electromagnetic fields and bone regeneration and Magdent’s research has been positive so far. The company has successfully tested the technology on rabbits with great success and hopes to move to human trials soon.

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