Is Laser Dentistry the Best Option if I Have Dental Phobia?

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Is Laser Dentistry the Best Option if I Have Dental Phobia?

Afraid of the dentist? Laser dentistry is a treatment option that can relieve some dental phobia symptoms.

Dental phobia affects an estimated 4.6 percent of women and 2.7 percent of men. If you have a dental phobia or dentophobia, it can be challenging to get past your fear and go to the dentist. If even the mention or thought of going to the dentist causes anxiety, nightmares, or panic attacks, laser dentistry can help.

The team at Laguna Vista Dental in Elk Grove, California, offers laser dentistry in our office. Many patients find laser treatments less distressing than traditional dentistry because they eliminate the drilling sounds and scalpels.

What is laser dentistry?

Laser dentistry is an FDA-approved treatment option that uses focused light energy for dental procedures involving your teeth or gums. Compared to traditional dentistry tools, lasers potentially offer a more comfortable treatment option.

Your dentist can remove or shape tissue using lasers, making it a treatment option for removing tooth decay, whitening teeth, or treating hypersensitivity or gum disease. 

The most common uses of lasers in dentistry include:

  • Cavity detection
  • Dental fillings 
  • Eliminating sensitivity to hold and cold temperatures
  • Reshaping gum and bone tissue for healthier tooth structure
  • Removing soft tissue folds to help dentures fit better

Since many people experience dental anxiety or phobia associated with feeling specific dental tools against their teeth or hearing drills, laser dentistry can relieve some dental phobia symptoms.

Benefits of laser dentistry for patients with dental phobia

Patients with dental phobia often fear the tools used for exams, cleanings, and dental work. Whether it’s the sharp instruments or sounds, laser dentistry helps reduce fears with a less invasive option. There are fewer tools in the mouth when using laser dentistry, which can also help relieve anxiety.

Unfortunately, you may avoid the dentist if you have dental phobia, creating more severe dental issues. Knowing you can receive laser dentistry helps get you to the dentist more often, you’re more likely to have fewer dental problems that require extensive restoration.

How does laser dentistry compare with traditional dentistry?

In addition to relieving dental phobia symptoms in some patients, laser dentistry offers several benefits over traditional dentistry, including:

  • Decreased need for sutures with soft tissue lasers
  • Minimized bleeding when treating gums
  • Anesthesia is not always necessary
  • Reduced risk for bacterial infections
  • Faster wound healing and tissue regeneration

Because of the precision of the laser, laser dentistry also has the potential to cause less damage to surrounding tissues.

If you struggle with dental phobia, schedule your laser dentistry consultation today. Book your appointment online or over the phone with our compassionate staff at Laguna Vista Dental.