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Replacements For Missing Teeth With Partial Dentures

Posted by on December 18, 2018 in Dentures, Featured | Comments Off on Replacements For Missing Teeth With Partial Dentures

If you have found yourself browsing for solutions to missing teeth, more than likely you are looking for the best options out there to fill the gap in your smile. Missing teeth, no matter how many, can be solved by visiting your dentist. Many dental offices offer numerous options for patients including partial dentures that will restore the appearance of their smile. In this article, we will highlight the pros of using partial dentures for tooth replacement as well as look at the alternatives for partial dentures.

What Are Partial Dentures?

A partial denture can be used for a single missing tooth up to replacing a whole arch. The basic makeup of a partial denture includes the frameworks, clasps and plastic tooth. The bulk of the denture will rest behind the teeth contouring around the remaining healthy teeth. The clasps can be C-shaped, I-shaped, and Y-shaped, depending on the style of partial denture used.

There are two types of partial dentures. These are removable and fixed dentures. Each possesses great qualities, and it is a personal preference on which one is the best for you. Removable can be taken out to cleaned or to eat whenever you choose. While the fixed denture is placed by your dentist and is not removed until your dentist recommends replacement. Partial dentures can help with:

-Restoring the appearance of your smile
-Improving speech
-Improving eating and chewing habits
-Can restore physical changes in the face

There are a number of styles that help bridge the gap in teeth for different situations a patient may have. Partial dentures can be designed to fit anyone’s specific needs or where they have missing teeth. Some of the styles of partial dentures offered include:

Flexible Partial Dentures

Made from thermoplastic resin, flexible dentures are the most comfortable to wear. These can accommodate for more complicated cases of missing teeth such as missing two on one side and one on the other.

Partial Dentures For Back Teeth

Unlike front teeth that have been extracted or lost, back teeth account for a majority of chewing. Having partial dentures for back teeth help patients regain some of the lost function experienced from tooth loss. These are slightly different than other dentures because they are anchored to the front teeth instead of the sides or back.

How Much Do Partial Dentures Cost?

Perhaps one of the most alluring reasons to get a partial denture for missing teeth is the cost. Partial dentures are the least expensive option for filling a gap in your smile. When you compare the cost of a dental implant that starts at $1700-$3000 for just a single implant and the partial dentures, the cost is half the price. It will depend slightly on the materials your dentist chooses, and if you are receiving a full arch or a single crown. Partial dentures are considered the most affordable option available, while still giving great benefits.

Pros and Cons of Partial Dentures

With any dental treatment, there can be pros and cons. Many wonder what it will be like eating with partial dentures, or if they will be comfortable. Partial dentures are not known for being extremely comfortable, especially compared to their competition. While affordability is a major pro for partial dentures, as well as being able to tailor make a denture that fits a patient’s specific needs you can expect a few downsides.

One of the most major problems with partial dentures is bone loss. If you have worn dentures for a few years, you understand that over time they won’t fit as securely as they first did. This is because a bone loss will occur starting six months after wearing them. Denture resorption is a huge problem, and it can lessen your chances, later on, to have procedures like dental implants or make it more difficult to have them done without a bone graft. Within six months of wearing your partial denture, you can expect to have up to 40% bone loss. This is a significant amount, and what accounts for them not fitting correctly, which will require either a new denture or to be refitted.

Another concern many have about partial dentures is what it will be like to eat with them in. With any new addition to the mouth it will somewhat challenge, and partial dentures are perhaps the most difficult.

What Are The Alternatives To Partial Dentures?

The dental field offers a great many solutions to missing teeth. Long ago, dentures were the only solution, then came bridges, and now we’ve moved into dental implants. Often a person’s budget will dictate what treatment they go with, but it shouldn’t. There are pros and cons to most treatment options for gaps in the smile, but it is an excellent idea to know what options you do have available.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are the newest most innovative way to solve the problem of missing teeth. They can be used for a single tooth or a whole arch. You may have heard about the All-On-4 dental implants that use for titanium implants to affix dentures to for a full smile in just one day. Most people that opt for dental implants are very pleased with the results and comment that they are more comfortable than traditional dentures and more access to care for.


Bridges are similar to partial dentures but are attached to the adjacent teeth for structure and security. These can be the best option for anyone that has a gap due to one up to three missing teeth but have healthy teeth remaining. Bridges are more expensive than partial dentures and must be installed by your dentist. These are considered more durable than dentures but are not superior to dental implants. Eating with fixed bridges is much easier, and most find it not to be in the way or extremely noticeable.


The choice on which option is right for you is a personal decision and one you should discuss with your dentist to determine what will work the best for your specific situation. While dental implants are more expensive than partial dentures, they do offer a more comfortable and secure way to solve the problem of missing teeth. While budget might be a concern, it shouldn’t be the only determining factor as to what replacement option you select. Quality of life and desired results should also be taken into account.

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