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Krystle Fenton, DDS


Amanda M.

Dr. Fenton and her staff are the best! I recommend them to anyone looking for an awesome experience at a dental office! Extremely clean and professional atmosphere!

I had a bad experience at a previous dentist and didn't go back to the dentist for two years. BIG MISTAKE. When I finally got the courage to go in for a visit, I had 9 cavities! Dr. Fenton took care of me completely and made sure I understood the procedures, as well as making sure I was comfortable throughout all my dental work. Joleen also makes sure that my insurance is good to go and that I always have an accurate treatment estimate before any procedures are performed which is very important to me as well.

Dentist 5 Star Review

Gilda G.

I had the same dentist from 1982 to 2011. Unfortunately he died suddenly and then I had the hard task of finding someone else. I liked my dentist, the office staff and the office environment which had floor to ceiling windows overlooking a courtyard. I think I tried two dentists before a friend recommended Dr. Fenton. I'm very happy to have found an environment similar to what I was used to and a competent and friendly dentist and staff.  I've listened to the recommendations my hygienist has made and my gums have improved as a consequence of her suggestions.

Look forward to many years as a patient of Dr. Fenton and her capable and friendly staff.

Dentist 5 Star Review

Summer O.

I like to support good people no matter what business they're in.... and Dr. Fenton is good people.  Sweet and caring.  You will not be disappointed.

Dentist 5 Star Review

Scott F.

Best dentist ever!  Dr. Fenton and her crew are the best. I used to not like going to any dentist, but now I love going to this place and chatting with all of them.  Joleen is totally personable and super friendly, Shelly helps Dr. Fenton, Cherish is the hygienist which my teeth have never been in such good shape, and Ally is the other hygienist. They are all super pretty too. If you need a dentist I highly recommend this place.  

They're not just here to fix what's broken they actually want to help you keep your teeth and gums healthy so they don't have to keep fixing things. They are very careful and concerned with your needs which is very comforting. They are also very diligent, they all do their job the best possible to get the best result. "Good enough" is not in their vocabulary. It's so comforting there I feel like I am with friends or family. What more can you ask for? Enjoy!

Dentist 5 Star Review

Patricia F.

Dr. Fenton performed a filling on one of my teeth. Her work was excellent. Would return any time for more extensive work. Dr. Fenton is consistently upgrading her skills to provide the most current and optimal dental care. Highly recommend Dr. Fenton.

Dentist 5 Star Review

Janell S.

I love this Office. The dentist and the staff are over the top and I can not say enough good things about them!

I have had old fillings replaced, teeth cleaned, xrays and braces now for 1 year and all done here without any fear or pain! They are very caring, gentle and knowledgeable. If they can conserve a tooth they will and if its just not possible they can and will fix it pain free! I had been seeing a dentist for 20+ years prior to seeing Dr. Fenton and it was not his choice to try to save a tooth or to educate you on what you should be doing at home to enhance what can be done in a dentist office. Dr Fenton and Joleen are the best of the best and know their stuff. They have taken away the fear and lack of trust I had developed about dentists and the dentist office staffs.

And now at 56 Years old, with Dr. Fenton and Joleen's expertise, I am in braces of all things and LOVING the results! Because of all of you I am smiling again : )

Thank You! Thank You! Thank YOU! Just Love you all so much! Thank you for being so awesome!
Dentist 5 Star Review

Dorothy W.

Dr Fenton and Staff are amazing, I realized today I've been going there for over 10 years and the practice has remained consistent, caring and always professional. I am always greeted by a smiling face, sort of feels like a family which is very welcoming! Service has always been outstanding. We are very fortunate to have Dr Fenton and her outstanding staff here in Elk Grove. Looking forward to many more years at this office!

Dentist 5 Star Review

Paul M.

I wish she practiced in Guam! I tried to get her to work at an office I used to work at in Southern CA. She's that good. You are all lucky to have her.

Dentist 5 Star Review

Scott F.

Dr. Fenton and her staff are amazing. I have been a patient there since she opened and have always had top notch service.

Today I had a filling replaced and she explained the entire process. I always knew what was going on and felt cared for.  She is very pleasant and professional. I highly recommend this office. Ten stars would be given if possible.

Dentist 5 Star Review

Helen H.

I don't typically write reviews unless I'm really compelled to, and Dr. Fenton and her staff have been so amazing, that I wanted to share with others my experience.

I had NOT gone to a dentist for 5 years before finding Dr. Fenton due to my last dentist was dishonest and was doing work I felt like was unnecessary. I found out later (long story) that this dentist WAS dishonest. I was traumatized.

Fast forward a few years later I needed to find a dentist I could trust. I found Krystle Fenton and her staff, and I have found she is honest, methodical, and a fantastic dentist. She talks you through what she is doing, and she even makes it comfortable to get shots! She's not only does amazing quality work, but again I can TRUST her. That is a very big deal for me.

Also, her staff is great. They are super friendly and sweet and you feel so comfortable when you go into her office. This is a top notch dental office.

Dr. Fenton is professional, ethical, and an excellent dentist. I am so happy to have found her! I would highly recommend this dentist!

Dentist 5 Star Review

Linda M.

Dr. Krystle Fenton is an excellent replacement chosen by Dr. Jim Aubrey, from whom she bought the practice. As a child, I received traumatic dental care (no Novocain, and a pump-by-foot dental drill).  As I became an adult and chose my own dentists, the search was never satisfactory, but much better than in childhood.  Finally when I found Dr. Aubrey almost 20 years ago, I tagged him as a perfectionist/artist/kindly dentist. He and his staff calmed my fears and dental visits became positive experiences.  He was always using the very newest techniques.  

With Dr. Fenton, dental visits are extremely pleasant, instilling a sense of trust and calm in the patient.  Throughout some of the complex work she has done for me, I've been amazed at her quiet, calm ability to take complete care of any problem in a thoroughly artistic and ethical way. Ali, her Dental Hygienist is the best I've ever known! Joleen is much more than a dental assistant. She could do personal counseling on her days off.  Margie has been the office manager and epitomizes the professionalism that flows from her desk through the entire office.

Even though I have to drive 60 miles round trip for a visit, it is so worth it.  I will recommend Dr. Fenton to anyone wanting an ethical, talented, professional and artistic dentist, especially people who have fears of visiting a dentist. She and her competent staff will make you forget all that after just one visit!

Dentist 5 Star Review

Eder M.

Haven't been to the dentist in about five years and finally made an appointment to go in. Went to see Dr. Fenton and right from the start the staff was very friendly and that made me feel welcomed. Dr. Fenton is great very easy on the touch and made a lot of my dental fears go away. I'm very glad I found this office and would recommend anyone to go see them.

Dentist 5 Star Review

C L.

Such kind, friendly people. They always ask your preferences in equipment, treatment methods, etc., and it's obvious that they just genuinely care about their patients' well being and, importantly, their comfort.  We searched for a good dentist for years and are so glad that we finally found Dr. Fenton after a friend's recommendation. The only negative thing is that scheduling can be hard because they're only available M-TH (and it's especially difficult when you work M-F and have terrible teeth that necessitate frequent visits), but it's a small price to pay for awesome, professional service. Moreover, Dr. Fenton is very ethical and will not prescribe services that you don't need; that's incredibly important in an era where assigning unnecessary (but revenue-generating) procedures seems to be the norm in dentistry. My family is very happy with our dentist -- finally! -- thanks to Dr. Fenton.

Dentist 5 Star Review

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