Bone Grafting

Restore Your Bone With Our Gum And Sinus Bone Grafting In Elk Grove

For those living in the Elk Grove, CA area, Laguna Vista Dental is able to offer gum and sinus bone grafting for patients in need. Grafting is a surgical procedure to transplant tissue from other areas of a patient’s body or from a donor source. Alternatively, this process can also be successfully performed with artificial components. In dentistry, gum and sinus bone grafting can be done to re-build the strong foundation needed to support dental implants.


Who May Need Gum or Bone Grafting Surgery?

When a tooth–or teeth–are lost, broken or badly decayed, the area around the lost tooth is affected. When the gum and bone that once supported a healthy tooth no longer have anything to hold in place, they begin to shrink and weaken. If this problem is ignored, it can lead to significant bone and gum loss.

With diminished bone and gums, strain can increase greatly on remaining teeth as they take on extra work. Remaining teeth can begin to shift out of place, further complicating the problem. Also, because of bone loss, there will be reduced support for the facial muscles. This is a noticeable problem for anyone suffering from a loss of teeth as the face begins to sag and wrinkle around the mouth.

Gum and sinus bone grafting can fix these problems and prepare your mouth for dental implants. With crowns, bridges or dentures in place, it will prevent a relapse of the same problem.


What Happens During Gum or Sinus Bone Grafting Surgery?

When it comes to gum grafting procedures, there are a few kinds and which is right for you will depend on your specific needs and circumstances.

There are two different ways tissue can be taken from inside your own mouth to graft onto the area where gums have diminished. Tissue can be taken from the roof of your mouth or from under the roof. Another way to use your own body’s tissue during gum grafts is to use healthy gum sections to cover the problem area(s). This can only be done if you have enough healthy gum tissue to spare for the procedure. Some individuals have thinner gums than others and this would not be a solution for someone with minimal healthy gum tissue. If using tissue from your own body is not an option, donor tissue can also be used.

In terms of sinus bone grafting, incisions first need to be made in the gums to reach your sinus membrane. These membranes are there to protect the sinuses from bacteria and pollution as well as to prevent the buildup of mucus in the sinuses. Under the membrane lies the bony sinus that requires grafting when the
re has been bone loss.

Bone can be taken from specific parts of your own body or an artificial component similar to bone may be used as well. You and your doctor can discuss which option may be best for you. Whichever material is used is then placed in the area where bone has diminished and creates a sort of framework to help your body regrow sufficient bone to allow for dental implants after this process has completed.


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