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Crown Lengthening

Have you ever wanted to change your gummy smile into a toothy one?

Gummy smiles are fairly common, so much so that about 10 percent of young adults believe they have ‘too much gum’ in their smile. Are you one of those who think that the ‘short’ teeth or ‘extra gum’ in your smile are distorting your appearance?

If yes, you might want to consider crown lengthening. It is a procedure that can recover the natural length of your teeth and give you a picture-perfect smile.

The best part? You have crown lengthening experts right in your neighborhood in Elk Grove!

Why Choose Us for Crown Lengthening in Elk Grove?

Crown lengthening can seem like a scary procedure, but that’s exactly where we come in to ease your concerns and help you with your dental problems. We are a team of expert dental professionals who bring the best dental healthcare close to you in Elk Grove.

At Laguna Vista Dental, we are committed to advancing expert dentistry and enhancing your experience with the dentist. We work hard to give you a confident smile and make sure that the process is as polished as the result. With years of experience, we have built a brand that thousands trust, so, when you step into our clinic, you know you are in safe hands.

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What is Dental Crown Lengthening?

Dental crown lengthening refers to the process of increasing the exposure of the surface of the teeth that are covered by excess gum tissue. It is a surgical procedure performed by a periodontist and usually involves reshaping both the gum and the bone tissues.

Benefits of Crown Lengthening

The most obvious benefit of crown lengthening is to improve the appearance of the smile. This happens either by reducing the gum tissue to expose more of your pearly whites or re-aligning it to create a consistent gum line. However, crown lengthening has several diverse benefits, including:

It makes oral surgeries like installing dental implants, bridges, or filling cavities much easier.


It can help save a chipped or broken natural tooth by reducing the gum tissue and attaching a dental crown.


By making more teeth exposed to cleansing, it helps maintain good oral hygiene and avoid the chances of tooth decay.


Crown lengthening may also be required to make a tooth-extraction process easier and safer.

Considering its association with several other oral procedures, it is only wise to have the right consultation before giving crown lengthening a shot.

Don’t worry, we have your back. Our dental experts are not only adept with dental and periodontal operations but also consultation and counseling. Therefore, we can make sure our patients are entirely comfortable before, during, and after the procedure.

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Are Your Gums Getting in The Way Of Your Perfect Smile?

Gummy smiles, medically known as ‘excessive gingival display’, refer to the extra gum that shows when you smile. While many carry such smiles with confidence, a lot of people feel the extra gum makes them feel self-conscious and unattractive while smiling.

The problem with such smiles is that the appearance may not be the only concern in many cases. The extra gums can create hygiene problems and increase the chances of decay in the part of the tooth that remains hidden under the gum. It can also prove to be problematic if you were to go for tooth replacement procedures that need greater bone support.

Cosmetic Dentistry Smile Makeover

What If You Could Have a Healthy, Beautiful Smile?

When we consider the above complications that can be associated with a gummy smile, getting it fixed seems like a sensible option. What if we tell you that it is not only sensible but absolutely safe, practical, and affordable?

When you trust the right professionals, crown lengthening can help you get a perfectly symmetrical and toothy smile. Moreover, by exposing more tooth to brushing and flossing, it will minimize the chances of tooth decay, thereby helping you maintain better oral hygiene. It’s a clear win-win!

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Our Promise To You

Crown lengthening is one of the more complex procedures in oral dentistry and periodontal disease treatments. We understand your hesitation and concerns regarding the same and that is why we bring to you nothing short of the best team of surgeons, technologies, and equipment, with a promise to give you a safe and comfortable surgical experience.

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A periodontal surgery like crown lengthening need not make your life complicated. We have simplified the concept for you, and we will do the same with the procedure and treatment. Have more concerns or questions for us? Don’t hesitate, we are right around the corner in Elk Grove. Request an appointment with Laguna Vista Dental today or give us a call at (916) 684-3105 for any further queries.



When should you do crown lengthening?

There are technically two cases in which patients opt for crown lengthening — esthetic and functional. If you think you need your gummy smile corrected to a toothy one, it’s an esthetic case of crown lengthening. However, if a dentist needs to perform oral surgery and the excess gums are making access to the tooth difficult, it becomes a case of functional crown lengthening.

Is crown lengthening worth it?

If your gummy smile has always been taking a toll on your confidence and appearance, crown lengthening is most definitely worth it. As far as the cost and discomfort are concerned, they will both be bearable, especially when your gums heal and you can see the difference.

Do they put you to sleep for crown lengthening?

No. The effects of anesthesia are only limited to numbness and lack of sensation. However, if you are feeling anxious about the surgery and would rather sleep it out, you can request sedation prior to the surgery.