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When teeth are lost or have reached a point where decay or breakage is causing you concern and pain, your Elk Grove, CA dentist at Laguna Vista Dental may recommend dentures. Dentures are an artificial option to replace natural teeth. They are removable and can help with eating, talking and boosting your overall appearance. There are a couple of types of denture options depending on your individual needs. First-time denture wearers often have many questions and we're happy to educate and help our patients adjust to the transition from natural to artificial teeth. While it may feel like a big step, once the process is over and you've become accustomed to your dentures, you will see an improvement in overall oral health and quality.


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Laguna Vista Dental Offers DenturesComplete Dentures

As mentioned above, there are a couple of different types of dentures. The first type is probably what we most commonly think of when we think of dentures--complete dentures. These are a full set of dentures that are placed on the gums after all teeth have been removed.

With complete dentures, there are two ways your dentist may go about it. The first course is to remove all teeth and allow a period of healing time before the placement of your complete set of "conventional" dentures. In this time, your gum tissue
heals for approximately 8-12 weeks. After which, your mouth has become more prepared for your dentures and should need little to no follow-up adjustments (assuming there are no complications or issues).

Another course of action involves dentures that have been manufactured in advance and are placed at the same time the teeth are removed. With this option, the patient does not have to experience any period of time without either natural or artificial teeth. This may sound like a major bonus to some, but because there is no time for your gums and bones to adjust to the loss of natural teeth, there may be several visits required for readjustment and proper positioning. Usually, these "immediate" dentures will act as a temporary stand-in until conventional dentures can be prepared.


Partial DenturesDentures Elk Grove CA

When it is not necessary to remove all teeth and some natural teeth remain in place, it is possible to use a partial denture to fill in the gaps. Partial dentures are similar to bridges but they are not permanent and can be removed just like complete dentures. A partial denture fits between your existing teeth to improve appearance and keep your natural teeth from shifting or migrating due to tooth loss. With partials, artificial teeth are attached to an acrylic base that rests on your gums or roof of your mouth depending on where the tooth loss has occurred. Your existing teeth also help keep them in place by use of small "hooks" that fit comfortably around your natural teeth.


Implant Dentures

Implant dentures are an additional option as well. This type of denture has attachments that snap into place onto implant supports that are installed into the jawbone. These are an option if your bones are able to support the implants. Implant dentures still need to be removed for cleaning and sleeping. If you would like to find out more about traditional dental implants, click here.


Getting Accustomed to Your New Dentures

Getting used to new dentures isn't always easy and some patients experience frustration during the adjustment period. We urge you not to give up! While dentures of any kind may feel strange at first and can sometimes make eating and talking something you need to get used to, these issues do not last forever. Dr. Fenton will be able to address specific questions you have and of course, if the adjustment period becomes excessive, you may need a better fitting.


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