Krystle Fenton, DDS

Emergency Dental Care

When a dental emergency strikes, you can count on Laguna Vista Dental for assistance. We are proud to offer emergency dental care in our Elk Grove office. Emergencies can happen at any time. Our office takes measures to ensure patients get the help they need without waiting days.

Krystle Fenton, DDS

Emergency Dental Care

When a dental emergency strikes, you can count on Laguna Vista Dental for assistance. We are proud to offer emergency dental care in our Elk Grove office. Emergencies can happen at any time. Our office takes measures to ensure patients get the help they need without waiting days.

Your emergency dentist in Elk Grove

Are you in need of urgent dental care in the Elk Grove area? At Laguna Vista Dental, we know that having a dental problem can be somewhat frightening, especially when it’s painful. We make ourselves available to you so that you always have an experienced dentist by your side. Emergencies seldom happen during regular office hours; we have an after-hours line dedicated to assisting patients when they need it the most.

Our dental team is patient-focused. We are passionate about providing top-level care. No matter if it’s for a routine cleaning or emergency such as a tooth gets knocked out. So if the problem can’t wait, and requires immediate attention, you can get same-day immediate assistance. Give us a call at (916) 684-3105, and we can determine whether or not you need attention now, or it can wait till the next day (If the emergency happens outside of regular office hours).

Tooth Pain - Dental Emergency

What is emergency dental care?

Simply put, a dental emergency is something that makes you feel uncomfortable or in pain that happens outside of regular office hours. There is a sense of urgency, a feeling like you can’t wait that occurs. Two great examples of an emergency dental situation include a loose or knocked out tooth or having horrible tooth pain.

Are you unsure if you’re having a dental emergency? If you’re unsure if you have a true dental emergency and require treatment ASAP, it never hurts to contact our after hours for assistance.

Below are a few examples of when you should call us for emergency care

Extreme tooth pain.
An adult tooth that becomes loose.
Problems after oral surgery including abnormal bleeding or discharge.
A tooth has fallen out.
Redness or swelling of the gums/accompanied by pain.
Dental restoration has fallen out.

Benefits of emergency dentistry

One of the best reasons you should consider emergency care is to give you peace of mind. For those that have lost a tooth, seeking emergency care may be able to restore the tooth. This can essentially prevent the need for extensive services like tooth replacement.

Losing a tooth is something many individuals fear. However, talking to your dentist no matter the time of day provides a feeling of relief and ease of worry. A few other reasons you should consider emergency dental care from Laguna Vista Dental include:

Access to speaking with a dentist anytime.
Treatment for tooth pain.
Answers to questions following dental treatment.
Woman Having Tooth Pain

Stop the pain quickly

Most patients that call us for emergency care have some pain happening. This can be from an infection or following oral surgery. Our main goal is to provide you with care and to solve the problem immediately. With our urgent dental care services, patients receive the assistance they need without waiting days.

Having to wait a day or more to be seen by a dentist can have significant disadvantages. For example, when a tooth falls out, there is a limited time when it can be placed back in the socket. We can assess over the phone and give detailed instructions to save the tooth. We can then fit your next business day to reassess the condition and place the tooth back and position.

Without emergency dental care, a patient may not know how to handle the situation or be able to see their dentist in a timely fashion to save their tooth. In many cases, the emergency room will be unable to assist you, there are situations they can’t address as they aren’t practicing dentists, such as pulling a tooth. With our available emergency services, you can get the relief you need now.

Patient Smiling During Emergency Dental Care

Peace of mind and the care you need now

It is critical to get the dental care you need when a problem strikes. If you’ve experienced an accident or have problems following oral surgery, taking swift action can make all the difference.

Our Elk Grove office is proud to be there when our patients need us the most when they’re frightened about losing a tooth, experiencing tooth pain, or have any dental problems that they feel concerned about. You’re not alone, there is help available.

Elk Grove Dentist, Krystle Fenton

Our promise to you

No one wants to be alone during an emergency. Having someone you can trust and depend on is critical. We are pleased to be the Elk Grove dental office you can trust for exceptional service when you need it the most.

If you’re experiencing a dental emergency, contact us now. We can quickly assess your situation and determine the best course of treatment possible.

Contact us today

Emergency dental situations can happen at any time. From losing a crown to experiencing tooth pain, our caring team of dental professionals helps. Our emergency dental care is convenient and easy to schedule. If you’re concerned that you have a dental emergency in Elk Grove, contact Laguna Vista Dental today!



What Would Be Considered a Dental Emergency?

We define a dental emergency as an injury to the gums, jaw, or teeth. This can include missing a tooth, problems after surgery, and extreme tooth pain due to infection or other injuries. If you feel like you can’t wait for the next available appointment, your situation may be considered a dental emergency.

What Is the Most Common Dental Emergency?

We see patients for a variety of dental emergencies. The most common, however, is for tooth pain and infections. These conditions often are excruciating and can’t wait days for treatment.

What Helps Unbearable Tooth Pain?

If you’re experiencing unbearable tooth pain, we highly recommend contacting our office for assistance. We also recommend applying a cold compress, taking an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory, rinsing with salt water, or using a pain-relieving gel.

Will the ER Pull a Tooth?

No. Only a dentist can perform dentistry solutions such as pulling a tooth. An emergency room doctor will likely help you with the pain but will not remove the tooth. They will refer you to a dentist.