Dental Exams And Teeth Cleanings

Professional Dental Exams And Teeth Cleanings At Our Elk Grove Office

Fight Gum Disease And Prevent Tooth Decay

Routine dental exams and cleanings by your Elk Grove, CA dentist here at Laguna Vista Dental are vital to your oral well-being. Making sure to visit your dentist on a regular basis can prevent minor concerns from growing into serious problems. Most of our patients should ideally have an oral exam with a routine cleaning every six months.

Occasionally, for those with little risk for cavities or other concerns, can get away with yearly visits. Patients with higher risks of dental problems may need to visit more often than the average person. Smokers, diabetics, and individuals with gum disease are a few examples of those who can benefit greatly from more frequent visits.


What is Included in a Routine Exam & Cleaning?

The most basic goal of your dentist during a routine dental exam is to check for decay, gingivitis (gum disease) and other oral health concerns. A general cleaning includes removal of tartar, flossing, polishing and fluoride treatment.

Depending on your individual needs as determined by your dentist, it may be suggested that you also receive extra steps during your exam such as x-rays or a special sealant to prevent cavities. These will always be discussed with you beforehand to make sure you know what you are receiving and why.

Those with heart problems or who have had major surgeries should inform the dentist or receptionist when you call to make your appointment. Certain heart problems especially can put you at risk when receiving certain types of dental care. You may be also be asked about particular lifestyle choices such as the foods and drinks you consume or medicines prescribed by other doctors.


How does My Dentist Detect Oral Problems?

Some oral concerns can be spotted by your dentist simply by taking a look inside your mouth. However, most problems are not this evident–hence the need for a closer examination. Many may have visited a dentist in the past who relies on the poke and prod method of detecting decay. This is where a metal tool is used to find weaknesses in your teeth but it can sometimes be faulty and open to human error.

Dr. Fenton uses DIAGNOdent; the latest and greatest in oral exam procedures. DIAGNOdent is a machine used by your dentist or hygienist to locate the softening of the enamel on the surfaces of your teeth.


How does DIAGNOdent work?

A laser is shone inside your mouth and reflects varying wavelengths of light off of even the smallest surfaces and crevices of your teeth. Before beginning, the laser is reflected off of healthy enamel to get a baseline reference number that refers to a wavelength of reflected light. Then, this number is compared to the reflections from all surfaces of your teeth and when a discrepancy is found between the healthy number and your personal reading, the softening of the enamel has been detected. Sometimes this calls for an immediate filling and sometimes it merely informs you and your dentist of areas that may require attention in the future.


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