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Tooth Extractions

Sometimes, a tooth requires removal. Our Elk Grove office offers pain-free solutions for broken or problematic teeth. Tooth extractions can be performed in-office under a local aesthetic. Our office and Dr. Fenton are committed to patient-first dentistry. We work hard to make sure you’re comfortable throughout your entire visit. When you select us for your tooth extractions, you’re in excellent hands.

Gentle Dentistry & Tooth Extraction in Elk Grove With Laguna Vista Dental

Extractions can sound frightening. With dental anxiety or those worried about the appearance of their smile tooth extraction can seem even more ominous. A pending appointment, when facing a possible extraction, can bring up questions. Will it hurt? What happens after? What can you expect? At Laguna Vista Dental, we make sure our patients fully understand the procedure. We’ll discuss why we recommend an extraction over other treatment options. Before your extraction. we’ll go over recovery and what to expect, as well as the do’s and don’ts.

Our goal is to always provide patients with gentle, professional care possible. We employ the latest technology in our modern Elk Grove office, along with techniques for added comfort. Following an extraction, you may also have questions while at home. Some of these include what you can eat, medicine to take, and if bleeding is normal. Should you have any concerns following the procedure, we are available to assist you, only a phone call away.

Tooth Extraction Procedure

What is tooth extraction?

Whether you call it extraction or having a tooth pulled, the result is the same. Having a tooth extracted or removed puts an end to troubling teeth. An excellent example of a specific extraction is taking out wisdom teeth. Patients often seek a dentist because of excruciating pain. The pain can interfere with numerous aspects of their life–from not being able to sleep and work to performing daily tasks. Extractions are an excellent solution, offering tremendous perks.

Simple extractions are executed in-office with a local anesthetic. During the procedure, your dentist, Dr. Fenton, will move the tooth back and forth in the socket until loose and is able to be pulled. For more complicated tooth removal, surgery may be necessary.

At Laguna Vista Dental, we are fully capable of performing simple and difficult extractions. With complicated cases, an incision into the soft tissue is essential. In doing so, your dentist will have greater access to the non-erupted or broken tooth. This method of removal isn’t required for all extractions, only for those not easily accessible.

One reason to have a tooth removed is to prevent further damage and decay. An impacted tooth may need pulling because an adult tooth is unable to erupt correctly. For those that have experienced trauma, an extraction can prepare the area for healing. It may also serve to prepare a patient for tooth replacements.

Benefits of Tooth Extraction

Extractions aren’t something most patients look forward to. They can help improve oral health while delivering much-needed pain relief. Something many of our patients worries about is having a visible tooth removed. Should you need a front tooth pulled, due to trauma or advanced decay, there are replacement options available. These replacements include crowns, dentures, and dental implants to restore the smile’s appearance. When we recommend extractions, it’s for the health of your teeth, gums, and jaw bone. With a problematic tooth out of the way, your remaining teeth will have a reduced chance of decay.
improve the health of other teeth
improve alignment
stop overcrowding
eliminate pain
prevent the spread of tooth decay
Are you experiencing tooth pain, an impacted tooth, or suffered an injury leaving your tooth very severely damaged? If so, our dental professionals can ease these concerns. We do our best to protect your natural teeth and avoid extractions whenever possible. If it’s found that this is the best route for your situation, the extraction will be performed gently and without pain. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Fenton and Laguna Vista Dental today by giving us a call at (916) 684-3105 during regular office hours.
Tooth Pain From Wisdom Tooth

Is Your Wisdom Teeth Causing Extreme Discomfort?

Over five million people need to have wisdom teeth removed each year. Typically, they’ll go see a dentist because of extreme pain in the back of their mouth. This is because the wisdom teeth have no room to come in. In some situations, wisdom teeth can cause damage to the surrounding teeth and break off, causing more pain. Have you been dealing with wisdom teeth pain for a while? Are you tired of the discomfort, sleepless nights, and constant use of OTC medications to stop the pain? Extractions deliver almost instant relief.

We understand your frustration and desire to get rid of the pain quickly. As a conservative dental office, we do everything possible to save your tooth. This includes restorative dentistry like crowns and root canals. Dr. Fenton has extensive experience safely performing extractions.

smile after wisdom tooth extraction

End Tooth Pain With One Procedure

What if you could get rid of tooth pain in just one office visit? What if you could remove a broken tooth and create a space perfect for a replacement? Whether you’re currently experiencing tooth pain, advanced decay, or had trauma to the tooth, there are options. If it is determined the tooth isn’t salvageable, Laguna Vista Dental possesses the skills and tools to remove it. We will perform a thorough x-ray and exam to determine an accurate diagnosis. This can also help to determine if an extraction is a suitable treatment option.
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Our Promise To You

Professional, caring, and compassionate care is precisely the service we strive for at Laguna Vista Dental. We promise that your comfort always comes first, right from the moment you arrive at our office. We understand that the idea of having a tooth pulled can be frightening. Let us put your mind at ease. Our dental team will take all precautions to ensure the procedure is painless, and the results are better than expected.

Remove Problematic Teeth With Extractions From Laguna Vista Dental. Contact Us Today!

Has a tooth broken, causing discomfort, or it’s time to have wisdom teeth pulled? We are happy to suggest a solution for teeth that are broken, inducing pain, or need to be removed for the betterment of your oral health. Our goal is to assist you with gentle and skilled tooth extractions to solve dental concerns. Do you feel you might need a tooth extraction? To schedule an appointment with our Elk Grove office, contact us online by clicking here or give us a call at (916) 684-3105.


You are having an extraction, while a standard procedure in dentistry can be overwhelming for the patient. It’s natural for you to have questions. Below you’ll find answers to some of the most FAQs.


How long does it take to recover from a tooth extraction?

Recovering is different for every patient. You can expect the first couple of days there to be minor discomfort. You’ll likely need to take pain medication the first 24-48 hours following the extraction. You should start to feel better 72 hours after removal. Full recovery, including soft tissue healing, can take up to 3-4 weeks.

How painful is a tooth extraction?

Removing a tooth isn’t painful, but can be uncomfortable. A tooth is rocked back and forth until there is enough room for the tooth to come out. During the extraction, you may feel some pressure but should never feel pain.

What are the side effects of removing teeth?

Having a tooth removed can end tooth pain. It can also stop further damage from happening in the mouth. Except for wisdom teeth removal, if a tooth isn’t replaced, there can be a shift in alignment, causing more significant gaps and bite problems.

What should I avoid after tooth extraction?

Immediately following an extraction, you should avoid hot and cold drinks. Avoid crunchy, overly chewy food. You should also not smoke the following extraction and avoid sucking on a straw to prevent dry socket.