Tooth Extractions

What Can You Expect At Our Elk Grove Dentist Office, And The Main Causes For Tooth Removal & Extraction

If you are in need of a tooth extraction–for wisdom teeth or otherwise–look no further than your Elk Grove, CA dentist – Krystle Fenton. We make extractions as easy as possible to avoid adding stress, anxiety, or pain to our patients’ procedures. The need for tooth extraction can be alarming for some, but when done with the gentle expertise of our dentists, no patient needs to fear this process.


Wisdom Tooth Extractions

The number of wisdom teeth, the specific time they come in, and the need for removal can vary greatly from person to person. Most individuals have one to four wisdom teeth–or “third molars.” These will grow in at the very back of the top and bottom sets of your teeth. However, a few people will never have any emerge at all. When the wisdom teeth do make an appearance or become noticeable due to pain or pressure, it is usually around the ages of 17-21. Some can even have them come in and experience no disruption whatsoever and never need to have them removed.

There are a few different reasons why you may need to have wisdom teeth removed. Sometimes the situation is incredibly simple and other times somewhat more complicated. It depends on the individual’s mouth, existing teeth, and how the wisdom teeth themselves “choose” to appear.

If wisdom teeth come in crooked, angled or sideways, this can sometimes cause pain and put stress on existing teeth. Wisdom teeth can cause crowding in some cases when there is not enough space for extra teeth. Occasionally these types of problems can result in malocclusion which is a change in how your top and bottom teeth come together when biting or resting your mouth.

More complicated problems resulting from incoming wisdom teeth may include infection from bacteria that can become trapped in small spaces as your mouth attempts to allow for the emergence of new teeth. Impacted wisdom teeth can also occur and this means that they have become trapped below the gum line and cannot get through due to a lack of adequate space.

Contrary to popular thought on the subject, the process of wisdom teeth removal and recovery after the fact is not nearly as scary, complicated or painful as people may think. As with any surgery, there is always the chance of complications, but these procedures are done every day and most often run quite smoothly. Complications are often the exception, not the norm. Furthermore, ignoring problematic wisdom teeth can cause problems for the rest of your teeth, pain, and headaches.


Other Extractions

Occasionally the need to extract a non-wisdom tooth (or teeth) may arise. This is most often due to severe decaying to the point the tooth cannot be saved. Some patients also choose to have a tooth removed if the treatment is overly costly or extensive. Infection can sometimes lead to the need for tooth removal as well. Extractions are usually fairly simple procedures and recovery time is not lengthy.


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