Krystle Fenton, DDS

Dental Fillings

Offering dental fillings to patients in Elk Grove. Our dentist can restore your teeth’s condition that has been compromised by tooth decay. Dental fillings are one of the most common general dentistry procedures we perform.

Krystle Fenton, DDS

Dental Fillings

Offering dental fillings to patients in Elk Grove. Our dentist can restore your teeth’s condition that has been compromised by tooth decay. Dental fillings are one of the most common general dentistry procedures we perform.

Why choose us for dental fillings in elk grove?

At Laguna Vista Dental, we are proud to be the premier choice for full-service dentistry, including dental fillings in the Elk Grove area. Our modern dental office features up to date technology and equipment. This provides our patients with the best treatment options and results available.

Dr. Fenton has been practicing dentistry for several years. She is a board-certified and active member of the ADA and CDA. She provides comprehensive dental solutions together with our amazing dental team. Are you concerned about tooth decay and the possibility of having a cavity? Are you looking for fast, effective treatment to resolve this concern? Get started now by requesting an appointment either online or by calling our office.

Gold Dental Fillings

What are dental fillings?

Dental fillings are one of the most common procedures done in our office and across the United States. Dental fillings address common sites of decay. Most cavities will start very shallow slightly into the tooth enamel. They will slowly progress as they become worse, reaching down to the tooth’s dentin.

To treat tooth decay, specifically cavities, your dentist will apply a filling. Dental fillings can be made from metals to composites to even naturally tooth-colored ceramic. Dr. Fenton will need to remove the decayed material before filling the tooth’s crack or broken portion.

Once the tooth has all decayed material removed, it is then cleaned and prepped for the filling. In general, we use porcelain fillings for front teeth. The reason being is to give our patients a flawless finish. With porcelain, you’ll have a seamless finish because it more closely resembles the look of a natural tooth. For cavities in the back, such as a molar, we prefer to use more durable fillings made of metal. Fillings made of metal include silver amalgam and gold. Metal fillings can withstand the bite force of eating every day quite well and aren’t prone to cracking.

Fillings are to be used when tooth decay hasn’t reached the tooth pulp. When a cavity progresses to this point, we will likely recommend more aggressive treatment for repair. You must visit the dentist every six months for a check-up to check for new cavities and fill when needed.

Benefits of dental fillings

Why should you consider a dental filling? Feelings offer a tremendous amount of assistance in keeping your teeth healthy. They can eliminate signs of tooth decay while we’re storing the supportive structure of your tooth. A filling will allow you to eat the food you’d like without sensitivity. Take a look at some of the benefits you can expect when having a dental filling placed.
affordable treatment
array of filling options
restores tooth appearance
prevents tooth decay from worsening
fillings last a long time
If you’re still unsure if this is the right treatment option for your needs, the best option is to schedule an appointment at our Elk Grove office. By talking with our dentist, Dr. Fenton, you can learn if fillings are right for you. She can perform an exam and look over x-rays to determine whether your situation requires a filling or something more extensive. In some cases, we use root canals to repair a tooth, should that treatment be more fitting, and the damage is more advanced.
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Worried tooth decay can progress?

Cavities start small. They can be no bigger than a pinhole. However, they will progress over time. Advanced tooth decay can lead to more extensive treatments needed to repair. It can also lead to two sloths if not addressed. If you’re worried about tooth decay, whether it’s visible or not, we can help.

We offer a few different options for tooth fillings. We will typically use metal fillings for teeth further back and not visible. We prefer to use porcelain or composite resin fillings for front teeth. This provides a natural finish that blends seamlessly with your real tooth.

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Improve the health of your teeth & eliminate dental concerns

Never again worried that a cavity will spread to more severe tooth decay, tooth pain, or result in a missing tooth. With fillings, you stop damage and its tracks. Our talented team of dental professionals is always here to help. We can provide you with the feelings you need to prevent further damage and restore your tooth’s shape and function.
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Our promise to you

We understand visiting the dentist isn’t always exciting for everyone. Our team strives to make your visit as comfortable as possible. During services like fillings, you may be concerned about pain or discomfort during the treatment or after. Let us put your mind at ease; we are happy to provide fillings that are pain-free throughout the entire visit and beyond. At Laguna Vista Dental, patient-first dentistry is something we genuinely believe in. Your comfort and exceeding expectations are something we strive for.

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Cavities can progress, causing advanced tooth decay. Advanced tooth decay can lead to tooth loss. Take action now and restore the health of your tooth with dental fillings from Laguna Vista Dental. Our caring and compassionate dental team can help solve all of your dental concerns. Whether you’re worried that a filling is going to be visible or durable, we will provide you with the best solutions for peace of mind and longevity.



How long do dental fillings last?

A filling can last anywhere between 7 and 20 years. How long you’re feeling will last depends much on its location and what material is used to fill the tooth. In general, you can expect metal fillings to last longer than porcelain. Composite fillings being an excellent option for cost and longevity.

What is the best material for dental fillings?

The best type of material for fillings depends on where the cavity is located. Front teeth typically receive porcelain or composite resin fillings. This is to provide a more natural appearance. For molars or in places that are not visible, metals are a preferred option due to cost and better withstanding of bite force.

Are dental fillings painful?

No. We perform fillings while patients have received a local anesthetic. This eliminates all pain associated with the procedure so that you feel zero discomfort. After the process, you should experience no discomfort.

Are tooth fillings good?

Yes. With fillings, you can preserve the health of your tooth. Restoring its shape while removing tooth decay can stop further problems with the tooth. If decay is allowed to continue, it could lead to a tooth infection or potential tooth loss.