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Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride Treatments Can Repair And Protect The Enamel Layer Of Your Teeth From Decay


At our Elk Grove, CA office, we offer fluoride treatments for children as well as adults. The addition of a fluoride treatment to your routine cleanings can improve your overall oral hygiene by helping to prevent, stop and sometimes even reverse the decay of tooth enamel.


What is Fluoride?

Laguna Vista Dental Offers Fluoride TreatmentsFluoride is a mineral that occurs in water, soil, rocks and other natural places. When fluoride is applied to the teeth by means of brushing your teeth, using a fluoride rinse or getting a treatment at the dentist, it binds to the enamel of your teeth. Fluoride can strengthen enamel and help protect it from softening (or decay).


Fluoride Treatments for Kids

Young children under the age of six benefit the most from receiving fluoride treatments. It binds especially well during the development of the permanent teeth. Making sure your children routinely visit the dentist for fluoride treatments and exams at a very early age can aid greatly in building more protective enamel and stronger teeth. Along with proper oral care, this will benefit them well into adulthood.


Fluoride Treatment for Adults

Adults can also benefit from fluoride treatments at the dentist. Most of us suffer from some sort of enamel decay and those at high risk can benefit the most from fluoride treatments during routine dental visits. Adults at the highest risk for decay include smokers, dry mouth sufferers, those with fillings and present decay and others who engage in actions that can affect tooth enamel. Speaking honestly with your dentist about lifestyle or health choices can assure you are doing the best to protect your teeth.


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Fluoride Treatment Procedure

During a fluoride treatment procedure, fluoride gel or foam is usually brushed on or placed in a tray to sit on the teeth for several minutes. It is a quick procedure that can easily help to strengthen your teeth without pain or effort. It is best to not eat or drink for approximately 30 minutes after receiving a fluoride treatment as to allow for uninterrupted absorption and binding with the enamel. Depending on your enamel health, adults can often benefit from receiving these treatments anywhere from every 3-12 months. Dr. Fenton may also suggest you combine these treatments with over-the-counter fluoride rinses or gels.


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