Dental Implants

Implant Dentistry Will Improve The Appearance And The Function Of Your Smile

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Restore the function of your smile with dental implants! Our Elk Grove, CA dentist office is happy to offer dental implants to our patients looking for a permanent way to replace damaged or missing natural teeth. Dental implants are a way to boost your overall oral appearance and aid in eliminating speech or eating problems that can result from broken teeth, decay or tooth loss.


What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are strong artificial tooth roots. When a natural tooth–or teeth–need to be extracted, implants act as a permanent anchor for artificial replacements. Dental implants are very commonly used with crowns, bridges and certain types of dentures. Implants hold the artificial replacements securely in place in the mouth. The implants themselves are usually made from very strong and durable titanium or a titanium alloy.

Implants are supported by the bones of the jaw and skull. The implants can attach in a couple of different ways. Endosseous implants can be thought of like “screws” that are placed directly into the bones of the skull and jaw. Subperiosteal implants sit atop of the jawbone but under the gums. Transosteal implants are a sort of framework to support artificial teeth that are also implanted directly into the bone like endosseous implants. Your particular needs will aid in deciding what is best for you. Our dentist, Krystle Fenton, will explain your ideal options.


What are the Benefits of Dental Implants?

Anyone who has experienced the trouble of losing or badly breaking teeth knows how beneficial artificial replacements can be. Although dental implants are often considered a cosmetic dental procedure, there are many other benefits. Still, patients seem to boast very happily of an improved appearance from their beautiful new smiles!

Appearance aside, however, dental implants can aid in eating and often in speaking as well. Implants can prevent existing natural teeth from shifting out of place and causing additional oral problems. If all teeth are not strongly supported as they should be due to a missing or badly decayed tooth, shifting is likely to occur. If this happens, it can make one more susceptible to cavities and gum disease as well as headaches from the strain on your remaining teeth.


Are Dental Implants for Everyone?

If you have lost or broken any number of teeth or are experiencing functional or cosmetic dental concerns from advanced decay, dental implants may be a great choice for you.

Many can enjoy fantastic benefits from choosing dental implants, but some patients make better candidates for the procedure than others. There are a few important requirements that your dentist will consider if you are thinking about dental implants. Healthy bones are absolutely vital to allow implants to successfully and securely anchor your artificial replacements. The health of your gums can also be a factor as gum disease can create a poor foundation for the implants.

It is also important to remember that permanent and artificial teeth need to be treated as natural teeth. This means that great oral hygiene will assure your implants last for years and years without issue. If you are unable to maintain good oral health for any reason, permanent implants are not an ideal option. Your dentist may suggest other solutions to your individual oral issues.


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