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Oral Surgery

Laguna Vista Dental is proud to be the leading choice for your oral surgical needs. We are a patient-focused dental practice committed to helping our patients achieve optimal oral health with the industry’s latest techniques and procedures. With oral surgery, we can eliminate pain, restore smiles, and improve function.

Krystle Fenton, DDS

Oral Surgery

Laguna Vista Dental is proud to be the leading choice for your oral surgical needs. We are a patient-focused dental practice committed to helping our patients achieve optimal oral health with the industry’s latest techniques and procedures. With oral surgery, we can eliminate pain, restore smiles, and improve function.

Why choose us for oral surgery in Elk Grove?

Our dental office is focused on quality patient care and giving every patient the best results possible. Because every patient is different, and not all situations are the same, we believe treatment should reflect that.

With years of experience in the dental field, our dentists are equipped to handle any challenge, including problems during surgery. Though a significant factor for oral surgery is knowing as much as possible before starting. Every patient will receive a thorough examination. This will include digital x-rays and a physical examination to determine if oral surgery is the best solution to meet their needs.

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What is oral surgery?

Oral surgery is any medical procedure that artificially modifies the teeth, gums, or jaw. There are a few types of oral surgery, including endodontic, prosthodontics, orthodontics, and periodontics. Depending on your situation and need, it would determine what type of surgery is necessary. For example, those experiencing problems with the pulp or root of the tooth would benefit from endodontic surgery solutions like root canals.

Other surgical solutions can include tooth replacement using dental prosthetics and orthodontics, which involve installing dental implants and extractions, or periodontics that addresses issues with the gums.

Benefits of oral surgery

In many cases, We will look for non-surgical solutions first. Many dental professionals are quick to choose oral surgery to solve problems. However, this isn’t always the best course of treatment for the patient or their long-term dental needs.We take into consideration many factors before offering our recommendation for oral surgery. Oral surgery is often more invasive than other procedures, but it is often the most effective at treating missing teeth, gum disease, cavities, impacted wisdom teeth, and more. A few benefits of choosing oral surgery include:

Expertly remove impacted wisdom teeth.
Effectively stops pain from an infected tooth.
Save and restore the function of a tooth.
Build bone tissue for dental implants.
Replace missing teeth.
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Experiencing pain from an impacted wisdom tooth?

Oral surgery can fix many problems. One of the most common we see are patients that have impacted wisdom teeth. Many patients experience tremendous amounts of pain when their wisdom teeth come in. There is little space available. With such a tight fit, more problems can occur other than the discomfort.

Wisdom teeth can lead to shifts in the alignment of a smile, tooth decay, or cause teeth to break. With oral surgery, your dentist will safely remove your wisdom teeth. Using anesthetic, patients can find relief from impacted wisdom teeth with no discomfort.

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Improve, restore, or enhance your smile with oral surgery

With oral surgery, our dentists can eliminate pain, fill gaps from missing teeth, and restore the quality of your jawbone tissue. For those that have severe bone tissue loss, oral surgery can be used to correct the problem. This can allow them to receive dental implants, giving them back their smile.

Oral surgery can be complex. It is essential that you choose a dental professional that has years of experience, training, and knowledge to perform the procedure. We are skilled at performing many types of oral surgery procedures. Our dentists will make you feel comfortable and relaxed, and provide a pain-free experience for extractions, root canals, bone grafts, and dental implants.

Surgical services

Our dentists work hard to make sure every patient is comfortable and that they receive the exact procedures needed to reach their dental goals. Whether a patient is in pain due to a tooth infection or needs their wisdom teeth extracted, we are dedicated to providing you with the best care possible.

Our office is proud to offer a variety of oral surgery solutions to correct teeth, gums, and maxillofacial issues. Take a look at a few oral surgery options offered at our Elk Grove office.

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Dental Implants

Dental implants are an excellent choice for tooth replacement. These deliver long-lasting solutions that are both comfortable for the wearer while preventing bone loss to the jaw. Dental implants are surgically installed either just under the gum, or the preferred method, into the jaw bone. When inserted by a trained dentist, dental implants have an extremely high success rate with little complications.
Single Tooth Veneer Services

Tooth Extractions

Extractions, also known as having a tooth pulled, are one of the most common oral surgeries performed. Extractions can be needed when a tooth breaks, or if the tooth isn’t salvageable. Another example is wisdom teeth.

Wisdom teeth can drastically affect a person’s smile, including the alignment. They can also become painful. If there isn’t enough space in your mouth for the wisdom teeth to settle into, teeth can crowd, tooth decay or breakage can also result. In many cases, it is recommended to have the third molar sets removed.

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Bone Grafting

Bone grafts may be needed should you want dental implants. Over time and after losing a tooth, the jaw bone will start to deteriorate. This is very common in denture wearers. In order for your dentist to place dental implants, there needs to be adequate tissue present to accept the implant.

The surgical solution of bone grafts will restore the amount of tissue to the jawline, creating more favorable conditions for the dental implant. Bone grafts use grafting material applied directly to the jaw. While healing, the jawbone will fuse with the material creating more bone mass.

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Our promise to you

At Laguna Vista Dental, we promise that you’ll receive the absolute best care possible. Our office and staff work closely with every patient to address their dental health concerns.

Whether you’re needing a root canal, dental implants installed, or wisdom teeth removed, you can rest assured you’re in excellent hands.

Contact us today

Our skilled dentists and the modern dental office are available for all your oral surgery needs. If you’re having a problem with wisdom teeth or are considering dental implants in the Elk Grove area, we can help. Contact Laguna Vista Dental today to request an appointment.



What Are the Different Types of Oral Surgery?

At Laguna Vista Dental, We perform a variety of oral surgery procedures. These can include bone grafts, dental implants, extractions, and root canals.

How Long Does It Take to Recover From Oral Surgery?

Recovery time for oral surgery depends on the procedure, and the extent of work performed. For example, one dental implant may take up to a week to recover from and months of healing. In contrast, a root canal may take only a few days to recover from.

Is Oral Surgery Painful?

No. We use an anesthetic to ensure our patients are completely comfortable throughout the entire procedure. In many cases, patients will be under general anesthetic and won’t feel any pain or discomfort. At Laguna Vista Dental, patient comfort is a top priority.

Do They Put You to Sleep for Oral Surgery?

Depending on the surgical procedure, you may or may not be put to sleep. For those that have severe dental anxiety, sedation can be an option for procedures like dental implant installation and wisdom teeth extraction.