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Krystle Fenton, DDS, in Elk Grove, CA, is happy to offer orthodontic services to those in need. “Orthodontics” literally means “straight teeth” and is a special branch of dentistry that deals with the realignment of crooked teeth, malocclusion (uneven bite), gaps between teeth and the prevention of extensive strain on uneven teeth and jaws. Orthodontic care is often administered during the early teenage years, but by no means is restricted to younger people. Many adults benefit from realignment as well.


When are Braces Usually Considered?

First, adult teeth need to all be fully emerged and present before braces can be considered. Once your child reaches the age of approximately 12 to 13, your family dentist may begin to mention the need and benefit of braces in the event of oral irregularities.

Also, as mentioned above, adults may choose to use braces to fix alignment concerns. Your dentist may suggest braces if you are having resulting issues from crooked or misaligned teeth. However, always feel free to consult with your dentist if cosmetic oral concerns are weighing on you as well.


Are Braces Necessary for Those with Irregular Teeth?

Many children suffer from a large variety of abnormalities of the teeth once the adult set has fully emerged. Some of these issues are listed above, but a complete, comprehensive list of potential concerns is much longer. Apart from merely having misaligned teeth, your child may suffer from one or many of the results of leaving crooked or badly angled teeth unchecked. This is not only a question of appearance and self-esteem but also greatly concerns general oral health. Effects of ignoring irregular teeth can be immediate in children or can progress over time into larger issues.

When teeth are not aligned properly, it can cause unneeded stress and strain on both the teeth and jaw. This can cause wear and tear on the teeth that can lead to breaks, chips and even tooth loss. It can also cause pain and headaches from increased tension when chewing, speaking or just trying to rest the mouth comfortably.

Irregular teeth can also make a child more susceptible to oral injury if teeth point in the wrong direction. For example, a simple fall can cause a tooth to cut into the mouth or lips if it protrudes out of place.

Misalignment of teeth makes them more likely to decay since it can often be difficult to clean them properly. Bacteria can become more easily trapped when teeth have grown over one another or when gaps are formed if teeth point in opposite directions.

The benefits of braces are endless for a child (or adult) who suffers from tooth and jaw concerns due to misalignment.


How Do Braces Work?

In the simplest terms, braces consist of brackets that are bonded onto each individual tooth connected by taut wires that “instruct” the teeth where to go. The wires will slowly pull the brackets (and thus the teeth) into place. Springs attach to the wires between the brackets and also aid in the movement of teeth as required for realignment.

There may be some slight discomfort as the teeth begin to move into their correct positions. Over-the-counter pain medication can aid in any tension that becomes bothersome.


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