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Pediatric Dentistry

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Welcome to Laguna Vista Dental! Do you have little ones in the family that need to see the dentist? We want you to know that we do everything possible to make sure your children feel welcome and comfortable at our dentist office. Call us today at (916) 684-3105 to find out more about how we can serve your family with the dentistry care they deserve! You can also request an appointment online to get started.


What Is Pediatric Dentistry?

Elk Grove, CA Pediatric Dentist

Our pediatric dentists are well-trained in handling dental issues that may arise in our younger patients. Parents will sometimes ask about the differences and benefits of using a pediatric dental expert in place of a general dentist. Luckily, we have answers and our staff of skilled dentists can care for everyone in your family, regardless of age.

Children can experience different dental problems than adults. Many of these differences are due to certain behaviors in kids that can affect oral health that adults do not necessarily exhibit such as problems from bottle feeding and thumb or lip sucking.

Kids love sugary drinks, foods, and candy. Even very young children are susceptible to sugars from milk or formula. Kids are also likely to ignore excellent dental hygiene without close supervision. Without proper and consistent oral care along with routine dental check-ups, decay affecting gums or baby teeth can cause problems for adult teeth later on. If surrounding areas of the mouth are not strong and ready for permanent teeth to come in straight and pain-free, it can mean discomfort and more serious oral concerns for your child in the future.

Sucking on thumbs or lips is another common cause of oral issues in kids. The act of thumb or lip sucking can cause baby teeth to come in misaligned or even cause existing teeth to shift out of place. As is explained in the next paragraphs, this can lead to problems down the line when it is time for adult teeth to come in.


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How Important Are Pediatric Dentist Visits?

To some, this question may seem silly as oral health is obviously important to us all. However, this is a common and legitimate question we get from many parents. Kids will not keep their baby teeth forever so how important is it to schedule routine dental visits when your kids already maintain great oral hygiene at home? This is a very reasonable question and the simple answer is: it is still very important!

While the actual first set of your child's teeth will, of course, fall out to make way for permanent adult teeth, both the baby teeth as well as the gums make for a vital foundation for healthy adult teeth and overall oral fitness. Baby teeth act as placeholders for adult teeth as your child's mouth grows and changes. Allowing baby teeth to decay or ignoring chips or breaks can cause problems later on if the "saved space" is damaged or poorly shaped due to stress from the damaged baby tooth or teeth. This can cause adult teeth to come in crowded, poorly spaced or misaligned. This could create a need for Orthodontic Braces later,.


It Is Difficult To Get My Children To Happily Visit The Dentist!

Most parents know very well that getting their children to visit the dentist or doctor can be less than smooth sailing. Both are often associated only with a strange new person and an unfamiliar experience. Children (as well as adults!) will also sometimes anticipate and fear pain during a dental check-up. Our Elk Grove pediatric dentists know kids. We handle all of our patients with gentle care, but when children need an extra special boost of confidence, we are ready to handle their fears as needed. From soft and kind words to kid-friendly explanations to the gentlest of care, we make it our goal to get your child through the visit as comfortably and happily as possible.


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Dr. Fenton would love the chance to serve your family's dentistry needs. We want you to rest assured knowing your child is in the most caring hands with the gentlest touch. Please call Laguna Vista Dental to request an appointment with one of our pediatric dentists today at (916) 684-3105.


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Haven't been to the dentist in about five years and finally made an appointment to go in. Went to see Dr. Fenton and right from the start, the staff was very friendly and that made me feel welcomed. Dr. Fenton is great very easy on the touch and made a lot of my dental fears go away. I'm very glad I found this office and would recommend anyone to go see them.

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