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Pocket Irrigation

For healthy teeth and gums.

Elk Grove folks can now have a beautiful smile, thanks to our pocket irrigation services. We help you eradicate germs and deeply clean your teeth for more self-confidence. Our team is highly professional and treats every patient as our family. You can always rely on us for world-class dentistry and the best practices from around the world.

Give yourself a new lease of charm with our pocket irrigation. You don’t have to hide away your smile or worry about gum diseases. Just request an appointment and get shiny white teeth and fresh breath.

Why Rely on Us for Pocket Irrigation in Elk Grove?

Laguna Vista Dental is your local dentist with friendly services. We are committed to bringing you the best health outcomes. Our team is highly skilled and possesses ample experience. We understand your needs and help you achieve the best smile.

Several folks in your neighborhood trust us for our esteemed dentistry. You can, too, join the team and never worry about gum disease again. Take advantage of our professional pocket irrigation and adopt optimum oral hygiene. Schedule an appointment today to let our adept dentists give you an ultimate smile.

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What Is Pocket Irrigation?

Some of you must have used oral irrigators or water picks to clean your teeth at home. Pocket irrigation is a professional version of your home cleaning, albeit with much-advanced equipment.

Pocket irrigation can remove debris and plaque from between the teeth and under the gumline. The strong water jets of pocket irrigators also remove any bacteria or germs. Our dentists can also use special antibacterial solutions to make your mouth completely bacteria-free. You can stay free of gum diseases and spend less on visiting dentists.

Pocket irrigation is also a necessary part of various dental treatments.

Benefits of Pocket Irrigation

What are the benefits of keeping your mouth fresh and bacteria-free? Read on to know what our pocket irrigation services can do for you:
Clean food particles, debris, germs, and plaque
Eliminate bad breath and bacteria
Keep gums and teeth pockets free of germs
Make way for antibacterial treatment
Prevent gum bleeding and diseases
Make your teeth look whiter for a better smile
Achieve healthy teeth and gums
Annual pocket irrigation works well for most people for improved oral health. Some people may need more frequent cleanings to achieve the best results.
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The Perils of Bacteria and Plaque on Your Gums

At-home oral care is not enough to prevent the buildup of plaque or germs. Your toothbrush can’t clean places like between the teeth or under the gums. As a result, bacteria and food particles buildup over time and take a toll on your smile.

Over time, the bacteria growth can erode your pockets and lead to many diseases. Inflammation and gum bleeding are also common symptoms.

Leaving your symptoms untreated can make you lose your teeth. However, that’s not the way you need to walk!

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For Healthy Gums and Beautiful Smile

Schedule an appointment with us for our pocket irrigation procedure and get past your worries. Our dentists will deep clean your teeth and gums to remove any signs of debris or toxins. We can also apply specialized antibacterial solutions for serious cases.

Get shiny white teeth and remove unhealthy germs today by booking an appointment. Our staff will take you through the process and tell you all you need to know. Grow your self-esteem and stop hiding your smile in front of people. Go for our professional pocket irrigation to make yourself beautiful and photogenic.

Plus, stay free of gum diseases and dental problems.

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Our Promise To You

Laguna Vista Dental understands how people are anxious about visiting dentists. We take special care to make our approach warm and welcoming to reduce your apprehensions. Our team treats you like family and provides every piece of information to facilitate your treatment.

Our dentists are fully committed to our patients and always act in your interest. We help you navigate the path of oral care with full confidence and awareness. Choose us to forget your dental problems and have a lasting smile.

Call us today to know how we can help you improve your oral health and facial appearance.

Call Us for Deep Cleaning Your Teeth and Gums

Don’t delay your oral issues to transform into serious consequences. Contact Laguna Vista Dental for the best deep cleaning in Elk Grove. We have the most expert team in town to offer professional pocket irrigation. Make way for better oral health by scheduling an appointment with us today. You can also call (916) 684-3105 to directly talk with our representatives.

Get a lasting smile and healthy gums to cut down your frequent visits to the dentists. Adopt professional oral care and enjoy a disease-free smile.



What is gingival irrigation?

Gingival irrigation uses oral irrigators to remove plaque and debris under your gumline. The device uses jets of water to loosen and eliminate food particles. The procedure is used as a course of treatment for many periodontal diseases.

How do you get rid of gum pockets?

Gum pockets or periodontitis can make your gums lose and recede. You can develop deep pockets that make cleaning difficult. Common treatments include scaling, root planing, and antibiotics. Serious cases may need surgical interventions. You may need flap surgery and bone and tissue grafting.

What causes gum pockets?

Improper oral hygiene can lead to bacteria growth in your mouth. The bacteria can multiply and start eroding your gums and bones. This will lead to the development of gum pockets. Deep cleaning or scaling is the first step to prevent gum pockets.

Can gum pockets heal?

Gum pockets can heal if you act before it’s too late. Leaving your gum pockets untreated can take things beyond repair and need surgical interventions. Scaling, root planing, and deep cleaning treatments can remove bacterial buildup from the pockets. Then your gums can tighten around your teeth, reducing the size of your pockets.