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Preventive Dentistry

We provide full-service dental solutions, including preventative dentistry, to help keep our patients’ smiles at their best. With preventive dentistry, our dentists will perform examinations. We will take digital x-rays and perform necessary cleanings to eliminate harmful plaque and tartar, leading to tooth decay.

Krystle Fenton, DDS

Preventive Dentistry

We provide full-service dental solutions, including preventative dentistry, to help keep our patients’ smiles at their best. With preventive dentistry, our dentists will perform examinations. We will take digital x-rays and perform necessary cleanings to eliminate harmful plaque and tartar, leading to tooth decay.

Why choose us for preventive dentistry in elk grove?

We are your committed dental team working to maintain and improve the quality of our patients’ smiles. We use the latest technology in our office for treatments and services such as digital X-rays, which are faster and safer than traditional x-ray machines. We also DIAGNOdent during teeth cleanings to identify the presence of cavities that otherwise might go undetected. Along with DIAGNOdent laser and Carivu, we give patients thorough examinations to rule out any underlying issues that need to be addressed.

We at Laguna Vista Dental stay up to date on the latest technology and procedures available. This allows us to give you, the patient, the expert care, and service you deserve.

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What is preventive dental care?

Preventative dentistry helps maintain excellent oral health. This type of dentistry focuses on health rather than cosmetics and restorative procedures. During a routine visit, you may have x-rays, exams, and cleanings. You can also discuss with your dentist how to better care for your teeth and gums at home.

Preventative visits are an excellent way to have an open dialogue with your dentist about your oral health care needs and concerns. When your dentist gives you an exam, they are looking for problems that need to be addressed. Identifying issues sooner rather than later can result in more painless treatments too.

Benefits of preventive dentistry

The ADA recommends that individuals ages one-year-old and up to see their dentist every six months for preventative care visits. This ensures that the patient receives regular cleanings to remove plaque and charter build-up, X-rays to identify bone structure changes or teeth and oral cancer screening for early detection.

No matter your age, taking care of your teeth is essential. You need them for eating, speaking, and they ultimately give you confidence anytime you smile. Take a look at some of the other benefits you can enjoy when choosing preventative dentistry and Laguna Vista Dental.

Eliminate plaque and tartar you can’t with simple brushing.
Digital X-rays can identify malformations or issues with the bones and teeth.
Prevent tooth decay.
Receive oral cancer screening in mere minutes.
Fluoride treatments for stronger teeth.
Identify problems early.
Preventive Dental Check Up

Has it been a while since you’ve visited the dentist?

We understand life gets in the way. However, preventative dentistry offers patients protection against many types of dental issues. Some of these include advanced tooth decay and gum disease.

Putting off seeing your dentist for regular cleanings and exams can happen. But in doing so, you could be putting your oral health at significant risk. Preventative services are virtually pain-free and can help keep you and your family’s smile looking and functioning at their best.

Preventive Dentistry Maintains Your Smile

Build confidence with your smile

Having a healthier smile can give you added confidence. With preventive treatments, you can feel good knowing that you are giving your smile the best chance at remaining healthy and problem-free for years to come.

If you’re worried that your smile could fall victim to things like gingivitis, tooth decay, or worse, tooth loss, seeing your dentist routinely can put your mind at ease.

Our preventive dental services

Single Tooth Veneer Services

Dental Exams

Dental Exams are essential. Whether you’re having an x-ray done every year or just in for a 6-month checkup and cleaning, exams Will be done to assess your teeth, gums, and jaw’s current condition. We will compare your last visit to your current visit, check for changes, and make any notations about our problems. This will allow us to create an individualized treatment plan, addressing these issues, and helping you have a healthier smile.
Single Tooth Veneer Services

Teeth Cleanings

Teeth cleanings are one of the most vital services we provide. While many of our patients take good care of their teeth at home, brushing and flossing alone May not be enough. With professional cleanings, we can remove plaque and tartar from below the gum line that is often difficult to remove with brushing and flossing. Teeth cleaning is also an excellent opportunity for us to identify cavities and other health concerns.
Single Tooth Veneer Services

Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral cancer can be a massive concern for some. During an exam with our dentist, a routine oral cancer screening will be done. When caught, early oral cancer is easily treatable. This is one reason preventative care visits with your dentist every six months is essential.
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Our promise to you

At Laguna Vista Dental, we understand visiting the dentist isn’t the most desirable activity for patients. Whether you’re struggling due to dental anxiety or scheduling, we work hard to ensure every patient is comfortable while visiting our office.

We guarantee that you’ll receive exemplary care from experienced dental professionals who have your best interest.

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We are pleased to be the leading choice in the area for preventative dentistry. Our dental team is passionate about helping patients achieve their dental goals. Get preventive dental care in Elk Grove, and you and your family need it by contacting Laguna Vista Dental to request an appointment.



What Is the Goal of Preventive Dentistry?

As a comprehensive dental office, we use preventative dentistry to maintain the health of our patients’ smiles. This can include identifying the early signs of oral cancer. It can be keeping teeth free from plaque or tartar and finding any problems like tooth decay sooner to fix it.

Can You Reverse Rotting Teeth?

When enamel starts to wear down, the rotting process is beginning. It will eventually lead to cavities, severe tooth decay, and potentially tooth loss. The best way to reverse tooth decay is by visiting your dentist for preventative care. This can identify warning signs early and get treatment.

What Type of Dentist Offers Preventive Dental Care?

Typically a general and family dentist will both offer preventive care in-office. Though all practicing dentists can do preventive care, you’ll primarily see it in these two types of practices.

Are Dental Fillings Considered Preventive Care?

While fillings can prevent further issues regarding tooth decay, they aren’t considered a preventative care procedure. Instead, these are classified as a restorative or general dentistry procedure. When you see your dentist for a preventive visit, you’ll have an exam, sometimes x-rays and fluoride treatments, as well as cleanings.