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Root Canals

Root canals or endodontic treatment can restore teeth, eliminate pain, or repair a damaged tooth. Laguna Vista Dental in Elk Grove, CA, is proud to offer general dentistry procedures, like root canals, for healthier smiles. Extractions aren’t always the answer. Our dentist, Dr. Fenton, can address concerns including pain, infection, tooth decay, and more with root canals.

Restoring Teeth With Root Canals in Elk Grove!

Why should you choose Laguna Vista Dental for root canals in Elk Grove? We are passionate about helping patients. We understand that a tooth infection can be painful. We also know that you may be worried an extraction is the only solution. Our mission is to provide you with exceptional care.

Our dentist is board-certified with years of experience working with patients. Laguna Vista Dental uses the latest technology, techniques, and equipment in our state of the art office. These features allow us to provide superior comfort and results to our patients. Root canals can sound frightening. We completely understand your concerns. Our entire dental team goes above and beyond to ensure you feel no pain throughout the whole procedure. We pride ourselves on comfort-first dentistry. Excellent patient experience is a priority.

Dental Service - Root Canal

What are root canals?

Most individuals are familiar with cavities and fillings. The average American has had at least three fillings in their lifetime. 25% of the population has had 11 or more. Fillings and root canals aren’t the same. A filling addresses tooth decay that is on the surface or affecting the enamel of the tooth. A root canal is an immediate solution for tooth decay that has gone unchecked and spread to the inside of the tooth.

General dentists are qualified to perform root canal treatments. More complicated cases may require an endodontist. Endodontists have multiple years of training, specifically with root canals.

When a tooth pulp is inflamed, infected, or dead, a root canal may be recommended. The dental pulp is the soft substance located in the center of the tooth. It consists of blood, nerves, connective tissue, and vessels that allow for a person to have feelings and sensitivity with their tooth. The hollow part of the tooth is called the pulp chamber. It contains pulp and travels down the canal to reveal the root of the tooth. All teeth have at least one tooth canal.

During root canal therapy, the dental pulp is removed. The entire tooth, including the canals and pulp chamber, will be sealed with materials similar to what your dentist uses for fillings. Filling the tooth prevents bacteria from re-entering and causing an infection. Your dentist can then place a crown for added protection and support of the natural tooth.

Benefits of Root Canals

Your dentist may or may not choose root canal therapy for your dental needs. As a conservative dental office, we will do whatever we can to save our patients’ natural teeth. This means performing an RCT over an extraction any time it is possible. Though you may be worried a root canal is painful, with modern technologies available in our office, the procedure is mostly pain-free. In fact, many of our patients regard the treatment as pain-free. When compared to an alternative such as extractions, root canals can often be more comfortable.

There could be many reasons a root canal may be right for you. To learn if this is the right treatment evaluation is required. We will need to ascertain if the pulp of the tooth is diseased, and how advanced the tooth decay may be. This will tell us how to proceed. Take a look at a few benefits our patients can gain from having a root canal to solve tooth pain, tooth decay, and other complications with their tooth

eliminates pain and infection
most, if not all of the procedure covered by most dental insurances
restores the health of a tooth
prevents further damage to the tooth
improves tooth appearance
Are you worried about tooth pain? Have you had more than one tooth infection? Is extreme discomfort or excessive use of OTC medications, like analgesics, including Orajel becoming cumbersome? Our office is here to help. Restore your smile, prevent further tooth decay today. Contact us at (916) 684-3105 to schedule an appointment today.
root canal to treat tooth pain

Have You Been Dealing With Unbearable Tooth Pain?

Are you experiencing horrendous tooth pain? Do you fear only an extraction can make the pain stop? There are solutions available that don’t pull teeth. With root canal therapy, our dentist can restore your tooth and eliminate pain. A root canal penetrates deep into the tooth, removing all traces of inflammation and infection. Once the tooth is filled, the disease can no longer return, as bacteria won’t be able to enter.
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Start Feeling Relief From An Infected Tooth Quickly!

Many of the patients we see have experienced multiple tooth infections. Quite often, these infections happen within the same tooth. Those that have advanced decay have a greater probability of disease. But what if you didn’t have to experience the debilitating pain that comes from a toothache? With a root canal therapy, we can once and for all solve tooth pain associated with infected tooth pulp.
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We are committed to patient care.

The choice of dentists is a critical one. We are pleased you are considering Laguna Vista Dental for your dental needs in the Elk Grove area. Our office is fully committed to putting patients first and helping them to reach their dental goals. Root canals can be an excellent choice for anyone experiencing severe tooth pain with tooth decay present. We promise to always provide you with outstanding service. Our team is dedicated to compassionate care and the best treatments possible.

Are You Experiencing Tooth Pain? Don’t Wait, Contact Laguna Vista Dental Today!

If you’re experiencing a tooth infection, tooth decay and are looking for effective treatment, we can help. Laguna Vista Dental is proud to offer highly effective treatments to restore your tooth. As your Elk Grove dentist, we have general dentistry options, including root canals available. To schedule an appointment with our office, contact us online by clicking here or give us a call at (916) 684-3105.



Is a root canal painful?

No. We use techniques and a local anesthetic that ensure our patients feel zero pain throughout the procedure. Should you feel anything during the process, we can stop and administer more local anesthetic.

How long does a root canal take?

There are two types of root canals—those that are difficult and those that are simple. A simple root canal can take 30-60 minutes to complete. A more complex case can take 90 minutes or longer.

Why do root canals take two visits?

During the first visit, your dentist will clean out the tooth. This eliminates bacteria and infection. The patient should begin to have relief from tooth pain if this was occurring. On the second visit, we will further clean and disinfect the root canal. The tooth is then filled with a substance called gutta-percha. Also, during the second visit, a crown restoration can be placed. The crown will prevent further damage from happening to the tooth.

Can I just get a filling instead of a root canal?

It depends on the depth of tooth decay. Fillings are predominantly used for surface decay or decay that hasn’t penetrated the pulp chamber or canal. Whereas, a root canal addresses more advanced tooth decay that has exposed the tooth root to bacteria. To ascertain whether a filling or root canal is appropriate, an exam must be completed.