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Root Canals

Root Canal Therapy (Endodontics) In Elk Grove Can Stop The Pain Caused By Pulp Inflammation


Our Elk Grove, CA office offers the best in endodontic care. Endodontic care concerns the insides of your teeth--containing dental pulp--which are most commonly known as or referred to as the roots of your teeth. Laguna Vista Dental offers top notch care in a comfortable environment. Let us serve you today!


What is Dental Pulp and What Does it Do?

Laguna Vista Dental Offers Root Canal TherapyInside each tooth, under the enamel, and within the hard dentin shell is a pulp cavity that encases the dental pulp. The components that make up dental pulp include blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissues. Dental pulp serves to nourish the tooth, keep it moist and alert you to problems with the dentin or pulp by means of pain via the sensory nerves.


How do Root Issues Arise That May Require A Root Canal?

Problems with the dental pulp usually occur when an infection reaches the roots of a tooth. This can happen, for example, if you ignore a cavity and it grows beyond the enamel and dentin and reaches the pulp.

You may know there is a problem if you are experiencing pain, swelling or pressure. Other issues can require endodontic care as well and may not cause any pain or discomfort. Making sure you routinely visit your dentist can assure that you avoid allowing minor problems to lead to dental pulp concerns. If a tooth problem does reach the roots, making a prompt dental appointment can avoid the need for extraction.


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Endodontic Solutions

Endodontic therapy (or "root canals") can save you from
losing the problematic tooth altogether. During a root canal, the infected pulp is taken out of the pulp cavity. Once the pulp has been removed, the pulp cavity will be filled to seal off your tooth from additional problems or infection in that area. A crown is also often applied to further protect your tooth.

Once a root canal has been performed, it is rare for a patient to experience an issue with the same tooth again. However, occasionally this does happen as the tooth still has the potential to become infected again at any time. If this occurs, your dental professional will need to remove the crown and filling in order to re-clean the tooth canals. This process is conveniently referred to as endodontic retreatment.

In the event that retreatment does not work or cannot be performed, there are a few types of endodontic surgery that can still save your tooth.Root Canal Therapy Elk Grove, CA

An apicoectomy is the most common endodontic surgery. It involves removal of the root tip by going through the gums. The infection is removed, the area is filled and the gums are then stitched up.

Another surgical option is known as intentional replantation. Here, the tooth is completely removed, treated in the same way as a root canal and then put back into place, free of infection.

Sometimes, a patient will experience root issues that are not readily eminent with an x-ray and exploratory endodontic surgery needs to be performed. With this method, your dental professional can locate the problem and take proper steps to fix it.

There are a few other types of surgical procedures that can be done to fix root issues but are not as common. These are usually performed if there are obstacles to successfully completing another surgical route.


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If you are experiencing oral pressure, pain or swelling, be sure to contact us immediately. A root canal may not be necessary, but it is best to determine the problem as quickly as possible and take the appropriate steps to solve it. We are here to help so please call dentist office at (916) 684-3105 today. You can also request an appointment online.


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