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Same Day Crowns

Elk Grove Same Day Crowns With CEREC Technology - No More Waiting!


Getting a dental crown has never been easier! Utilizing the CEREC 3D technology, Dr. Fenton can fabricate your dental crowns while you wait. The CEREC can be used to replace old failing restorations, broken teeth and old mercury fillings with tooth colored porcelain restorations in just one visit.


What are Dental Crowns?

Laguna Vista Dental Offers Same Day Dental Crowns in Elk Grove, CAFor those in the Elk Grove, CA area looking to improve their overall oral appearance or fix an intrusive dental concern, a crown may be right for you. Dental crowns are an option in cosmetic dentistry that can fix not only appearance problems but can also serve to aid in an improvement in chewing and speaking in some individuals. A crown acts as a beautiful cover for your damaged tooth. Crowns are sometimes referred to as "caps" because they encase the entire visible area of a damaged or decayed tooth. They can be used to protect and conceal issues such as chips, breaks, and noticeable decay. Each individual oral concern can differ from one person to the next so you will always need to consult first with your dentist to determine what solution may be best for you.


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How Does the Process Work and How Long is the Procedure?

While it once took two appointments or more to finish the full procedure to receive dental crowns, it is now a one-visit process! Our office is equipped with the best in CEREC technology which is a type of ceramic reconstruction--hence the name "Ce-Rec." This same day CEREC crown technology used by our highly skilled dentists makes it possible to have your crown fitted, manufactured and onto your tooth in one visit! CEREC dental technology creates a model of your tooth by use of on-site computer analysis, design and manufacturing for a perfectly precise fit. Once the crown is created, the dentist will then fit it right over your natural tooth and secure it in place. This type of highly detailed oral reconstruction requires the experience and expertise that our dentists can offer with confidence.


Benefits of Dental Crowns

There are a number of benefits to getting a dental crown (or crowns) that go well beyond cosmetic enhancement. When a tooth is badly broken, worn, or decayed, a crown can be used to prevent further damage or from losing the tooth altogether. Occasionally, a tooth will require a very large filling and if it appears to your dentist that there may not be enough of your natural tooth left to keep the filling safely in place, a crown may be the solution to secure the filling and the tooth itself.

In general, crowns will enable you to keep your natural tooth in place without leaving it at risk for further damage. Plus, the improvement in oral appearance doesn't hurt! Having your smile back can bring your confidence back!


Who is a Good Candidate for a Dental Crown?

Options for repairing tooth damage and decay can sometimes differ from person to person depending on age, oral health, overall health and degree of damage. A dental exam by one of our dentists will provide a better understanding of your specific concerns and solutions.

The best candidates for crowns are those with a broken, chipped or decayed tooth that is affecting your quality of life in any way. Healthy surrounding teeth and good overall oral hygiene are both vital. Crowns must be cared for just as natural teeth with routine brushing, flossing, and mouthwash.


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