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Scaling and Root Planing

Remove Tartar And Treat Gingivitis With A Deep Teet Cleaning


Our Elk Grove, CA dentists are proud to offer immaculate scaling and root planing, or otherwise known as a "deep clean." Sometimes we aren't as thorough about our oral hygiene as we should be. Sometimes we skip a scheduled routine cleaning... Or two.

If you feel like it might be time for a deep cleaning or your dentist notices an excessive buildup of tartar during a routine exam, a scaling and root planing procedure can get your mouth back to optimal levels of cleanliness and healthiness. This process can also aid extensively in the prevention or elimination of gum disease.


What is Involved with Scaling & Root Planing?

Laguna Vista Dental Offers Scaling And Root PlaningDuring scaling and root planing, Dr. Fenton will numb the gum and root area as the sensation can be somewhat uncomfortable--especially for those with sensitive teeth or gums.

A traditional scaler (or "hand scaler") is a curved dental tool that is used to scrape the surface of each tooth and between the teeth to remove tartar. Your dentist will be able to use a scaler to clean small areas and crevices that your toothbrush may often miss. An ultrasonic scaler may be used in place of a hand scaler. An ultrasonic scaler is similar and used for the same purpose, but vibrates at a high frequency to aid in the removal of tartar.

Root planing is essentially the same process except that the removal of tartar is occurring below the gum line. Everyone has shallow pockets between the gum and teeth. When tartar begins to form on the tooth and goes untreated, it can start to creep past the gumline and into the gum pockets.

When the tartar passes the gum line, it can cause the pockets to begin to deepen, causing early stages of gum disease. As pockets deepen, it indicates a progression of the problem and tells your dentist that you have more advanced gum disease. Root planing is a delicate procedure that allows for the removal of tartar under the gums. Disinfectant irrigation will also likely be performed.


Does Everyone Need Scaling & Root Planing?

With impeccable dental hygiene and routine cleanings, patients who are lucky enough to avoid a buildup of tartar may not need a deep cleaning. However, most people can benefit from a deep cleaning at least a fScaling And Root Planing Elk Grove CAew times throughout their lives. Your dentist will discuss with you the need for a deep cleaning and the extent of tartar buildup when applicable. Ignoring tartar on the tooth's surface is never advised as it can only lead to bigger and bigger concerns.


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What Can Happen if I Ignore Tartar Buildup?

When tartar goes unchecked and builds up past the gumline into the gum pocket, it will just continue to worsen and can cause very serious problems if ignored altogether. Gum disease can cause teeth to loosen or fall out which can, in turn, lead to the loss of gum tissue and bone. Gum disease can also lead to life-threatening illnesses such as heart disease and blood infections.


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