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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening By Your Elk Grove Dentist Remains One Of The Most Affordable Ways To Enhance Your Smile


Laguna Vista Dental offers easy teeth whitening treatment options for our Elk Grove, CA patients who wish to brighten their smiles. The Opalescence system is a whitening gel that can only be obtained from your dentist. This system is customizable and to be taken home and used at your convenience.

Laguna Vista Dental Offers Teeth Whitening Services In Elk GroveThere are many, many whitening products on the market; from strips, to toothpastes, to rinses. The details of the opalescence gel whitening process are what sets it apart from other whitening options. Opalescence whitening covers all the bases! Working with your dentist to achieve your whitening goals can be crucial to receiving the results you want. This specialized formula works well to break up both surface stains as well as deeper stains. It is customized to work when and as you need it. The gel comes in concentrations tailored to your needs that can be used during the day or while you sleep. The Opalescence system prevents shade relapse, won't reach or harm the soft tissue of the mouth and comes in three different flavors. Request an appointment today with Laguna Vista Dental to find out more!


How Does Opalescence Teeth Whitening Work?

Opalescence gel contains hydrogen peroxide that cleans two types of teeth stains. The gel removes surface stains as well as intrinsic stains--the microscopic stains that form in tiny cracks in your teeth under the enamel. The whitening gel contains oxygen that works with the peroxide to give you aTeeth Whitening Elk Grove, CA whiter smile. The hydrogen peroxide is able to get past the enamel of the tooth so that the oxygen molecules can break up even the deepest discolorations.



Which Formula Is Right For Me?

Opalescence whitening gel is available in a few different systems and your dentist, Krystle Fenton, will be able to help guide you to what is best for you individually.

The "Take Home" system is the most customizable. You will receive trays of whitening gel that your dentist creates just for you based on a combination of options that include whitening concentration and flavor as well as day or night wear depending on what is most comfortable and convenient for you.

Teeth Whitening Elk Grove, CA

The "Ready to Go" option is just as its name implies: prefilled trays ready for use right out of the package.

Finally, there is also an in-office option for Opalescence whitening to get powerful results in a shorter amount of time. This option is administered by your dentist during an office visit and takes about an hour. The in-office choice can work really well for those who need results fast or just want to leave the process in the hands of one of our trusted dentists.


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Extra Benefits Of Opalescence Take-Home Whitening Systems

Aside from being a flexible way to customize your whitening procedure comfortably at home, Opalescence whitening gel is also good for your teeth in a couple of other notable ways. The gel contains both potassium nitrate (this can help reduce sensitivity) as well as fluoride which of course can help reduce cavities and strengthen enamel. By using Opalescence gel, it not only brightens your teeth, but it can make them healthier as well.


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