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What is Best For You? Gold vs. Porcelain Crown

Posted by on July 12, 2018 in Dental Crowns | Comments Off on What is Best For You? Gold vs. Porcelain Crown

What is Best For You? Gold vs. Porcelain Crown

Dental crowns are one of the oldest forms of dentistry that we still practice today. Dentists will use crowns in numerous situations where it calls for a replacement tooth or needing to cap a natural tooth for added strength or protection. Crowns could be considered the cornerstone of restorative dentistry.  One of the most common uses for crowns is to prevent decaying teeth from getting worse by covering a tooth that has a more substantial cavity present or has had a root canal treatment. However, crowns can be used in other treatments such as dental implants, when needing to replace the entire tooth.

No matter what the reasoning for having a crown placed, the most significant decision that will have to be made is the type of material used for treatment. There are three options available for crowns, gold, full porcelain, or porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) crowns.  Gold vs. porcelain crown is the most common debate when needing to a crown installed. Patients should consider longevity, durability, cost, and appearance when making the selection between the two types of crowns. Let’s take a look at each dental crown option, and what benefits they provide.


What are Gold Crowns?

Dating back to ancient Egyptian times, gold has been the set standard for the material used for crowns. This is because gold is durable and last upwards of 50 years or more, depending on a person’s habits. Because gold crowns are stronger than porcelain, they are the go-to option for rear teeth, such as the molars. They are also particularly more beneficial to those that grind their teeth. Another key benefit to gold crowns is their minimal wear on neighboring teeth.

Their most negative downside, as well, their appearance. You won’t mistake a gold crown for a natural tooth. This is why most people want to shy away from having their dentist put gold crowns in, but it shouldn’t be. These particular types of crowns offer longevity and strength that can’t be beat, which is why it is still used in today’s procedures.


What are Porcelain Crowns?

When referring to a porcelain crown, in most cases, the dentist is talking about the PFM type. Full porcelain(ceramic) crowns are not as commonly used because of their lack of dependability. A PMD crown has one significant advantage over gold, and that is appearance. Porcelain closely resembles the natural color of teeth, so it is the obvious choice for aesthetic sake. When using the PFM type you will get the strength that gold has, but better aesthetics.  However, the biggest downside is the amount of wear they put on teeth next to them.

Porcelain crowns, by no means, are weak, they can do the job well of protecting teeth from further damage, but they aren’t as strong as gold. A dentist will commonly use a porcelain crown in the front teeth where appearance is more of a significant factor. Because the rear portion of your mouth is subjected to the most force and stress, using porcelain here will likely result in premature failure of the crown including cracking or falling out. Individuals an expect their porcelain crowns to last roughly ten years.


How Much Do Crowns Cost?

The cost of crowns is the most frequently asked question. A rough estimate is anywhere between $500-$3000 per tooth. For patients with dental insurance, many times crowns are covered, and the total out of pocket is substantially cheaper. The amount you’ll pay can also depend on if other services are involved such as a root canal, or dental implants. Ask your dentist in Richardson before getting treatment to determine exact price.


Are Gold Crowns More Expensive Than Porcelain?

No. While you would assume that gold would cost more because of its material makeup, they are actually the cheaper option to use. The most expensive crown you can get is the porcelain-metal-fused type.


Which Dental Crown Is The Best?

Each material type presents its own benefits, but when it comes to best, most dentists agree, all metal is the way to go. There is a reason gold has been used for thousands of years and will continue to be used. And why most dentist will use gold crowns in their mouths.  It’s long lasting strength and durability make it the best option (for rear teeth). When it comes to the front, sticking with the PFM type is probably the best way to go from an appearance standpoint.

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