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Why You Shouldn’t be Scared of your Dental Implants

Posted by on September 4, 2016 in Dental Implants | Comments Off on Why You Shouldn’t be Scared of your Dental Implants

Dr. Fenton and the staff here at Laguna Vista Dental are proud to be able to offer dental implants to Elk Grove, CA and the surrounding areas! e hope you enjoy reading through this article. We want to answer any questions you might have and provide our patients with value.

Going to the dentist for any kind of procedure can be nerve-wracking and induce anxiety in even the toughest of us. Who doesn’t feel mildly uncomfortable when they’re waiting their turn in the dentist’s chair with the sound of drill hitting bone coming from the next room? Dental implants are the best tooth replacement method available right now and are much more clean and appealing than alternative methods. That is why it is important to understand how uneventful and painless this procedure is so you feel confident and relaxed about choosing to treat yourself to an amazing smile that will last you a lifetime.


When are Dental Implants Needed?


If you have lost a tooth dueYou do not have to be afraid of Dental Implants to decay or an accident, a dental implant is one of three main treatment options to consider. A dental implant is a metal replacement for your natural tooth root and is usually a titanium screw. This artificial root serves as an anchor for a new dental prosthesis, usually a crown which is crafted based on molds from your teeth.


Why Dental Implants in the First Place?


In short: cost. Your dental implants will look and feel much better than a bridge or denture, and will also be easier to manage. They last much longer than alternative methods, with an impressive track record of about a 95% success rate over the course of 40 or more years. While they may be more expensive initially, dental implants will prove to be a permanent fix and will thus end up saving you thousands of dollars over the course of your life.


Are Dental Implants Safe?


Laguna Vista Dental offers beautiful dental implants

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Millions of people have received dental implants, most with very high rates of success. Dental implants are made of titanium and bind to your jaw bones via a process called osseointegration. This means the metal screw which serves as the dental implant binds to the bone and becomes a very solid, sturdy attachment. If this method was not safe and reliable, it would not be the tooth replacement procedure with the highest rate of recommendations from dental health care professionals with millions of success stories to back it up.


Your Dental Implants are Installed by Professionals


Your dentist or oral surgeon has been professionally trained and knows what they are doing. Regardless of the number of years they have been in practice, they are qualified to offer you treatment and will keep you in good hands. However, if experience is an area of concern for you, there are plenty of websites on Google where you can search for reviews and the qualifications of your dental professional before committing to having them install your dental implants.

Getting Dental Implants is No Big Deal


Really, getting dental implants installed is nothing to get worked up over. The process starts with an initial consultation where x-rays and molds of your teeth are taken. This ensures correct placement of your implant and dental prosthesis. The procedure itself involves your dental professional cutting open your gums, drilling a hole into your jaw bone, then screwing in your dental implant. You are then stitched up, sent home to heal up, and brought back in a few weeks later to have your crown attached. Simple, easy, and painless, thanks to the anesthesia. Speaking of which…

You’ll be Under Anesthesia the Whole Time


Usually local anesthesia is enough to be able to handle the surgery. You may feel slightly loopy or like you are in a dream state while under local anesthesia. This option numbs your mouth and causes you to feel no pain at all. You may still be able to feel vibrations and bumps which can be uncomfortable for some, but you will definitely be able to manage it just fine.

If your anxiety proves too strong and you find you cannot overcome your fear of going to the dentist or getting oral surgery, local anesthesia may prove too ineffective. In these cases, a sedative or anti-anxiety medication may be offered to you so that you are able to proceed. It is important to note that not all dental health care professionals are qualified to administer such drugs, so this will need to be included in your research during your search for the perfect professional.

The Aftercare is Easy and Relatively Painless


After the surgery, you may feel a slight, dull pain around the implant site for a few days or so. This is perfectly normal and can easily be managed by taking over-the-counter pain relievers such as Advil or ibuprofen. You will be advised to eat soft foods that require little to no swallowing for a few days. You will need to keep the implant site clean by rinsing it with water after meals and keeping up with your regular brushing habits. It will also be important to stay hydrated as your body is healing. Unless you have a unique circumstance that requires specialized care laid out by your dentist, that’s about it.

As you can see, getting dental implants installed is not frightening or painful. The procedure itself is pretty short and sweet and the aftercare is also straightforward. Everyone deserves a smile they feel comfortable with and proud of. Missing teeth can be a detriment to anyone’s life, but they don’t have to be in yours. By choosing to overcome your anxieties and go through with the procedure, you will be able to increase the quality of your life in so many ways.


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